Thai Harmony Massage Salon Hűvösvölgy

The Thai Harmony is one of the oldest, most popular and most effective Eastern treatment, which helps create harmony in your body with the help of the traditional Thai massage. The ancient Far Eastern massage, based on knowledge of physiological points, is fundamentally different from the European massages. During the so-called dry massage they do not use oils, creams. The Thai massage can balance body elements by massaging acupuncture points and stalling energies into operation again.

In the West, the regular massage has built in the lifestyle of broader social layers. Regular use can offer well-being, as well as excellent therapeutic effects on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal diseases.

If you have a few hours, and you want to relax , just come and visit us, We are looking forward to welcome you! Our professional masseuses learned the tricks and secrets of ancient Thai massage in Bangkok “Wat-po” temple monk order’s school. There is a special choreography process used on the whole body. During the one and a half or two hour massage, the massage therapist massages every part of your body from head to toe.

The masseuses do not use only their palm and fingers, but knees, elbows and feet as well. (The next day due to the strong pressure you are not full of blue-green spots, only the increased energy level and well-being remains high.)