PadThai Wokbar Mammut

Living in the beautiful metropolises of the world, we feel the increased pace of life on our own skin. Despite enjoying the ride in the urban buzz of the western world, there is an increasing need among us for the tranquillity radiated by eastern cultures.

The padthai wokbar is a pleasant island in the noise of the big city, a place where – in harmony with the throbbing of the urban surroundings and the accelerated lifestyle – you will see that a quick meal can also be healthy and high-quality.

At our fast casual restaurants, you can compile your own menu from our ever fresh ingredients, and our Thai chefs will cook the dishes of your choice in burning hot woks right in front of your eye.

Visit us and discover the culinary specialities of the Thai world without giving up on your health and fitness!

The padthai success-story is already well underway. Drop by for a light lunch, a peaceful dinner or a pre-party biyte and let us make your day!