Marumoto Japanese Tea room and Shop

The Marumoto tea shop has been offering products from Japan in the heart of Budapest since 2010.Its set goal is to convey Japanese tea culture to Europe and to introduce locals to Japanese tea culture and the related traditional and modern arts as broadly as possible. It is attributable to the cooperation with partners possessing considerable professional background and first-rate references that the offerings of the tea shop meet even the highest of expectations. The primary consideration is the originality of the teas; consequently, only inspected owner-tested products of flawless quality are being sold. The products of the tea shop are being procured directly from the home country through the Japanese owner’s central firm in Kyoto. As a result, importation and product services in the territory of the entire European Union is performed under the best conditions. Additionally, it is important to highlight the expertise and the humility towards the profession, guaranteed by the person and know-how of the chief executive.