Erzsébet Square is an unavoidable landmark for party goers in the heart of downtown, and Fröccs Terrace sits right in the middle of it. Cold fröccs, tasty drinks and pleasant music serve relaxation after work, or in the pre-party buzz. The cream of the city gathers here from early afternoon and parties till the early morning enchanted by the colourful lights. Beautiful girls, sympathetic barmen and the inescapable gravel.

Fröccs is a vital part of a wholesome Hungarian evening, afternoon, lunch… morning… practically any time when it’s hot out there, fröccs is ours to enjoy and help see things in a better light. The shade, that is.

Fröccs terrace on Erzsébet tér (right next to Deák) in the heart of the city serves every kind of fröccs there is, and it’s the ideal place to lounge and wait till it becomes appropriate to order the next round.

The all open-air terrace is on the sight of the old bus station, aiming to evoke the feeling of expectation and enjoyment.

Parties abound every night from Wednesday to Saturday, with hand-picked DJs who will go well with the produce of the last harvest. Sit in, educate yourself in all the variants of the seemingly simple combination of wine and soda water, there’s a bit of practical Hungarian for you!