California Coffee Company Teréz Boulevard

California Coffee Company’s first café has deservedly become the favorite one among young business people and university students. If you have business meeting or want to learn, read your e-mails or just sit back in a soft armchair with a cup of hot coffee in your hand, our café will always await you with steaming hot coffee, fresh sandwiches and sweet pastries from 7 am until 11 pm.

Our coffee is made of Italian roasted 100% arabica while our espresso coffee specialties of 80% arabica and 20% robusta coffee. They are prepared by our professional bartenders, if desired cold or hot, high-fat or low-fat, with soy milk, or with syrup and/or sauce flavor or decaffeinated. If you like it hot, you can choose espresso, espresso macchiato, espresso con panna, cappuccino, caffe latte, latte macchiato, caffe americano or caffe mocca. You can get our mouthwatering cold coffees in flavored versions with crushed ice or cone ice. If you do not like coffee flavor, we can offer you some exciting sweet or spicy alternatives, such as hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, chai tea latte, etc. In our cafes we find it important to protect nature, therefore, our drinks are served in glass and ceramic cups. If you wish to take away our beverages, you can have them in trendy paper cups.