City on the Run: Budapest’s Best Running Tracks

With a temperature constantly over 10 degrees Celsius during the day, the month of March finally provides us with the opportunity to leave the closed confines of the gym behind, put on our best running shoes, and take on the many tartan courses of the city. Here are the best running tracks of Budapest!

Beautiful Margaret Island is a treasure chest of wonders: the 96 hectares large patch of earth sports a petting zoo, some gorgeous medieval ruins, a Japanese garden, a huge swimming complex and most importantly, the city’s longest and most scenic running course, measuring at 5.350 metres in length. The tartan course circling around the island is in top shape after a complete refurbishment in recent years, and you can even use it for a night time run, as the whole path is lit by public lighting.

Facing Margaret Island from the east, Moszkva promenade runs between Árpád and Margaret bridge on the Pest side, in a total length of 2.5 kilometres. Although lacking a tartan course, this fairly new promenade has become a popular running venue among local joggers due to its convenient location, wide footpath, and the great views it offers to the Danube and the island.

Boasting a number of attractions, such as the ornate, sprawling bathing complex of Széchenyi Thermal Baths, Budapest Zoo, or the captivating Vajdahunyad Castle, there are definitely less picturesque places to lick yourself into shape than the vast and easily-reachable City Park. Choose one of the several running routes criss-crossing the park, or do the four kilometres long loop run!

Surrounded by lush greenery, Lake Feneketlen is like a small oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle that is the city’s up-and-coming Újbuda neighbourhood. Formed in 1877 when clay miners happened upon an underground spring, the lake (with its name translating to ‘bottomless’, even though it’s just 5 meters deep) is frequented by local fishermen, sunbathing turtles and ducks, while the park itself gives home to a number of statues, a scenic, 530 meters long tartan course, and an outdoor fitness park.

Lake Feneketlen run

The steep slopes of János Hill leading up and down, to and from Normafa, feature one of the most popular running paths amongst the seasoned runners of the city. The 5.000 meters long track may lack a proper tartan course, but the breathtaking panorama, the fresh air of the Buda Hills, and the romantic wilderness surrounding you more than make up for that weakness. Prepare for a tough uphill battle if you choose this one!

Located in District VIII, Orczy Park is one of the largest green areas of inner Pest: the former hunting grounds turned relaxed recreation hub features a quaint boating pond, a cozy café, a cool playground, as well as modern sporting facilities, including an outdoor fitness park and a 760 meters long running course.

The two kilometres long running course at Kopaszi-gát is one of Budapest’s best-kept secrets: starting at the Buda end of Rákóczi Bridge, the tartan track leads you through the well-manicured park of Lágymányosi bay, providing you with some added extras to burning those unneeded calories, including ducks and a waterside atmosphere.

For an even more romantic high-pulse outing, visit the idyllic Római promenade in the city’s District III. The four kilometres long waterfront walkway stretches southwards from Aquincum to the northern border of Budapest, is dotted by old-timey boathouses and cozy eateries, and is a favoured spot amongst undemanding runners, who can do without a professional tartan course if that means they can exercise in a natural environment.