Mommy Makeover for the Body and Soul

For numerous women, facing the changes their body go through during pregnancy is not easy. The hormonal aftermath of pregnancy and breast-feeding can cause breasts to become saggy, and the skin might also get loose around the stomach area. What is more, it is possible that fat will appear in unusual places of the body. Unfortunately, these problems often can’t be solved by changing the diet or getting active. That’s when the Mommy Makeover comes into the picture.

The birth of a child is a miracle that makes new moms forget all the hardships of their pregnancy in the blink on an eye. Regardless of what changes their body went through and how different they look, there is nothing more beautiful than a mother. After a while though, every woman wants to gain back her original shape as much as possible. One can get rid of the postpartum baby weight by sticking to a good diet, but the sagginess of skin around the stomach and breast areas will still remain a problem that might cause insecurity.

Dr Rose Mommy Makeover

Talking about the Mommy Makeover, Dr. István Molnár, plastic surgeon of the Dr. Rose Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute shared with us how surgical procedures give you the desired pre-pregnancy body. Mommy Makeover includes a group of plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast surgery (augmentation and lifting can be done in one combined operation, if both are requested) and tummy tuck, when the excess skin is removed and at the same time the problem of separated abs can be also solved. The latter is of crucial importance since it is possible that hernia will occur.

Considering the operations, Dr. István Molnár suggests new moms to get rid of as much extra weight as possible before going under the knife. It is important because liposuction is a local solution, meaning the results will be best if they only remove fat from specific areas of the body. Often one surgery is not enough, because the breast and stomach area are treated on separate occasions for safety reasons.

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