Safe Eating in Budapest – Foods for Everyone

For those who have food allergies or intolerances, and health conscious people who are on a diet, picking a restaurant is not that simple at times, but Budapest is willing to make their lives easier. The below selection was written for everyone who had reservations about eating out before.

Attaboy StrEAT Food Bistro

Attaboy’s selection is much wider than any regular burger place’s. You can bring your whole crew along freely, because they don’t offer just the juicy traditional range: you’ll see vegan, dairy free and low carb options too. Everyone will find what they are looking for!

The bistro, situated near the Synagogue at 4 Síp utca, added buns and pizza dough made from gluten free ingredients to its menu last year. It’s great news for those customers, who are looking for ways to lower their calorie and carbohydrate intake. Depending on the total weight of the dough, they can count with an average of 60% less calories and carbs in their meal.

1075 Budapest, Síp utca 4.

Kata Restaurant

Casual and modern Kata is the answer to everyone’s prayers who has been asking for a restaurant with solely 100% gluten and lactose free meals. The downtown dining spot wants to show how versatile seasonal ingredients can be, and for this reason, they offer a satisfying list of delicacies made from locally sourced components with a twist. Everything is prepared and cooked on-site, fresh as a daisy. The seating area has cosy, laid-back bistro vibes with an the interior that is characterized by the greyness of concrete lampshades and comfy chairs and bright, wooden surfaces, so it isn’t hard to imagine taking a seat and enjoying any of the visually attractive meals that also appeal to the taste buds. Go and feel free to order whatever you fancy!

1065 Budapest, Hajós utca 27.


Food is like a messenger to the body that influences the genetics, hormones and metabolism, hence it is key to choose the information we send through it well. Fortunately, MINDENMENTES FOOD can help us with that.

In the last 10 to15 years the number of food-related health problems increased significantly. The most common ones are caused by allergens (gluten, milk, egg, yeast, seeds, soy, preservatives, and so on) found in food, metabolic abnormalities (insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer), and digestive problems (swelling, discomfort, itchiness, rash, diarrhoea, eczema, intestinal diseases, abnormal intestinal flora). In what ways is this related to MINDENMENTES FOOD, you might wonder? Numerous nutritional studies have proven that the above mentioned problems can be treated and even become asymptomatic with a correct diet. Thanks to the assistance of MINDENMENTES FOOD delivery company, it will be easy as 1 2 3.

Who do we recommend it? Everyone who believes in conscious, healthy eating, people with digestive disorders, food intolerances and food-related allergies (both officially diagnosed), as well as people who would like to prevent gastrointestinal diseases by not consuming the wrong things, want to lose weight, are too busy to spend 2-3 hours a day planning and preparing meals, or doesn’t have enough storage space in their home. Sportsmen are also welcome, just like conscious customers who know the evolutionary approach to diets, are aware of its merits and have already tried or would like to experiment with it.

MINDENMENTES FOOD offers low-carb meals of which you can choose from gluten, milk, egg, seed, yeast, soy, preservative and sugar free alternatives. (Note: it is a less known fact that fast carbs are just as bad for the body as any allergen.) To make sure all their meals are nutritious enough, they spend 1.5 year perfectioning (calorie content, vitamins, minerals, trace elements) each dish before they make their way into the menu. Delicious and healthy meals at work or home in restaurant quality, how about that?