Kutyabarát.hu Helps You Find the Best Dog-Friendly Places in Hungary

Founded in 2012, Kutyabarát.hu is the very first platform to promote dog-friendly locations in Hungary, and to this day it operates as the biggest and most versatile dog-friendly database.

After its launch, the founders of the company looked for the most-known dog-friendly locations in the country, starting with only 30 hotels and restaurants. Thanks to their enthusiastic efforts more and more suggestions were brought to their attention. As of now, more than 700 dog-friendly locations and nearly 100 service providers can be found on the website.

If you are planning to spend a long weekend somewhere, wish to dine or drink a cup of coffee accompanied by your four-legged friend, want to do sports or do the grocery shopping, look around on www.kutyabarat.hu! There you’ll find a search box with a map, just use different filters to find certain service providers.

Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages too for dog-friendly content and news so that you can gather first-hand information about the opening of a new restaurant or hotel, as well as the trendiest dog-friendly bars in town.

They are extremely proud to be first to promote not only accommodation and restaurants but also the idea of a dog-friendly workplace in Hungary. The number of joining offices, community houses and stores is continuously growing, spreading their slogan: “Everywhere together!”

Are you ready for dog-friendly adventures?