Surprise, Surprise! – Gift Ideas Not Only for International Women’s Day

There’s always occasion for surprising people you adore, but don’t you find it hard sometimes to find the perfect gift? International Women’s Day is on 8 March, let us help you with a few inspiring ideas!

Azúr Bagoly

Spring is nesting season, no wonder why the creative instinct awakens in most women as birds start chirping. Furniture painting became a pretty popular activity in the past few years (especially among the ladies), because there is no need for any specific qualification or talent, and it gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to interior decoration. In one or two days almost any furniture can be transformed in a way that it fits into the style you pictured in your head. A furniture paint package could be a great surprise for anyone; choose products that do not contain harmful components! Azúr Bagoly sells natural and eco-friendly milk paint which you can use easily, even if you’ve never held a paint brush in your hand. Check out their website!

Karla Bags

Unique gifts are always more precious to the heart. What can make a gift like that even more special? How about them being eco-friendly? Kata Sugár, aka the designer behind Karla bags have been working on her beautiful bags since 2015 with sustainability being the most important aspect she has always kept in mind. Using leftover materials, she creates shiny gym bags, huge shoppers and minimalist wallets which are all characterized by a clean design. Every item that leaves her workshop is a limited edition piece since only 1-8 are produced, this way guaranteeing the uniqueness of the fashionable gems. Regarding their quality, you can rely on them long-term, and thanks to the bags being washable, there is one less thing to worry about.

Karla gymbag


It is up to you to turn your life around, all you have to do is set your mind to always strive to live a natural, healthy lifestyle. Products like that of VeraNatura’s could come in handy; the family-managed business produces artisan natural cosmetics mostly from bio ingredients, with many years of expertise and experience. Just like the brand’s name suggests, VeraNatura captures the essence of nature in multi-functional products so that people with sensitive skin and children can use them safely. No artificial fragrance, no derivatives of petroleum. Their recipes incorporate everything that makes a cream, deodorant or bathing substance fine and effective. One more plus point: VeraNatura’s packaging materials are sustainable glass containers!


NAVONA Fashion

Fashion is a way to express yourself and help boost your self-esteem. People with good style pay attention to many things from the colour, cut and fabric of their clothes, but sometimes even the bests of the bests need some reliable advice. For all the ladies out there who want to show the world their inner goddess we recommend visiting Rózsa Megla’s Hold utca fashion sanctuary since she knows all the golden rules a stylish woman should follow. The NAVONA saloon offers figure flattering, clean cut, urban chic pieces (business and elegance) straight from the catwalk, designed in the spirit of sustainability. Fans of unique fashion items can be sure they won’t see these clothes on anyone else. Please call to make an appointment: +36209511939.

1054 Budapest, Hold utca 21.



Some ladies love to put make-up on and glow, others prefer to rock their natural beauty instead. And yet, this doesn’t mean they have no common ground when it comes to cosmetic brands, because there’s something all women enjoy: pampering their body with soothing, smoothing and softening products. Lush’s Hello Gorgeous gift set is a treasure chest filled with skin-friendly treats suitable for every lady in the universe. An exfoliating shower scrub packed with mineral-rich sea salt ensures the refreshment of skin from head to toe, while a dreamy and luxurious hand cream and a light face cream keeps things hydrated. For the sensual healing, a bath bomb with the fragrant blend of jasmine & ylang ylang and fruity bathing foam come to the rescue.

1052 Budapest, Deák Ferenc utca 21.