What’s New in Budapest: 8 Places to Visit this March

Not sure where to go for good food and drinks in Budapest? We’ve got you. Here are the coolest new venues in the city worth trying.

Vokál Rock Bistro

Located in the city’s Újbuda neighbourhood, the gothic-metal style Vokál Rock Bistro is an easy going gastro pub with a premium kitchen, serving sophisticated lunch menus on the weekdays, and offering a top-quality drink sortiment (made up of Hungarian and international specialties) in the afternoon and on weekends. Vokál’s cuisine is characterized by the use of seasonal ingredients and modern kitchen technologies, as well as boundless creativity when it comes to garnishing your plate, and uniquely flavored dishes, ranging from steak tartare and goulash soup to ewe cheese noodles.

1111 Budapest, Lágymányosi utca 19.

Spicy Fish Budapest Corvin

The downtown restaurant of Monori Center’s renowned Spicy Fish has opened its doors in the middle of January, offering the best of authentic Chinese cuisine in a modern, light, and urban environment, just behind Corvin Plaza. From Hong Kong’s popular summer rolls and the spicy, tender, and thick Mao Xue Wang (a dish comprised of duck blood, tripe, and luncheon meats) to the world-renowned spicy fish of Sichuan, the venue boasts a lengthy list of appetizing items, including Japanese and Korean specialties, accompanied by pictures for a more informed decision.

1082 Budapest, Corvin sétány 3.

GM Base Street Food

Situated in one of the side streets nearby Keleti railway station, GM Base Street Food is Hungary’s first street food restaurant offering only sandwiches which are free of gluten, GMO, added sugars, soy, and red meat. Born as a result of founder and chef Viktor Knoll’s Celiac disease, the tiny eatery’s ever-expanding allergen-free selection is made up of a dozen different burgers, a wide variety of delicious sandwiches, fries, waffles and pancakes, filling both your salty and sweet needs. If you want to lead a more healthy diet without giving up on the marvel that is fast food, drop by GM Base!

1078 Budapest, Murányi utca 11.


Born of a desire to master the Japanese pursuit of perfection and demonstrate the surprising variety of Japanese cuisine, Nebuta pays tribute to three traditional fares of the Far Eastern country: ramen soup, katsu (an umbrella term for all sorts of breaded meats), and gyoza. The spacious, bright, modern interiors and the flavorful, richly colored, flashy dishes complement each other wonderfully, filling every moment spent at Nebuta with calm harmony. The quality ingredients, quick service, Nebuta’s short but exciting menu, and a number of heavenly desserts ensure a memorable culinary experience.

1066 Budapest, Nyugati tér 1.

ÁlomCake Dessert Manufactory

Located a stone’s throw away from Zugló’s Bosnyák tér, ÁlomCake brings the standards and flavors of downtown pastry shops to the sticks of Pest: this cozy little confectionery will seduce your taste buds with its mouth-watering selection of artistically crafted cakes, pastries, and baked goods, all freshly made by hand. Prepared from premium ingredients and with respect to all of the current dietary trends, ÁlomCake is well-worth the bus ride whether you’d like to nibble on scrumptious macarons, spend a lazy Sunday afternoon eating a slice of pistachio cake, or surprise your loved ones with a unique chocolate gift set.

1147 Budapest, Telepes utca 10.

Tsuru Sushi

Found in the grandiose Food Loft of Árkád Shopping Mall, Tsuru Sushi presents guests with a flavorsome fusion of traditional and modern Japanese cuisine through a carefully put together menu of soups, sushi and sweets, including the hearty Chiang Mai noodle soup, Tsuru’s very own Flamed Dragon sushi specialty (composed of cucumber, asparagus, avocado, carrot, scorched salmon, eel, teriyaki, and Japanese mayo), and the chocolate-banana flavored mochi. In addition, the restaurant offers a number of Japanese beer brands, making it a great place to recover from an exhausting day of shopping.

1106 Budapest, Árkád Shopping Mall


Opened by the man responsible for Hungary’s hamburger revolution, at the new venue of Zing-founder Ádám Susánszky, everything revolves around southern fried chicken. Prepared from sustainably raised free-range chicken in Nashville style, the wings, drumsticks and chicken breasts offered at Újbuda’s newest street food joint are coated in a crunchy layer of spicy breadcrumbs, and can be ordered with a variety of sauces and garnishes, from pickles and apple cider coleslaw to waffles and jalapeno mac & cheese. For the full Southern experience, ask for a 3-piece box with extra hot dredge and a good ol’ Dr. Pepper to soothe your throat between bites. Believe us, you’ll need it.

1117 Budapest, Kőrősy József utca 7.

Budapest Wrecking Room

Ever felt so angry that you just wanted to wreck stuff until all that rage pent up inside of you has left your system? At Budapest Wrecking Room, the country’s first rage room designed to give people an outlet for getting rid of stress in a destructive but safe manner, you’re more than welcome to do that! You and your friends can choose from several packages depending on how many bottles and electronic devices you want to smash to smithereens. Weapons and protective gear are included in the prices. Contact the staff of Budapest Wrecking Room to ask for a custom package!

1065 Budapest, Podmaniczky utca 19.

Budapest Wrecking Room