The Symptoms of Insulin Resistance

Has it ever occurred to you that you might suffer from insulin resistance? There are a number of unusual symptoms which you might mistake for something else, and the opinion of a professional is inevitable to clear the air.

Have you gained weight? All right, you must cut back on snacking. Are you sweating more? Well, considering how stressful your life is and all the things you eat, it isn’t such a surprise. Are you tired all the time but can’t sleep? Try to think less of work, it isn’t good for you. Did you notice that the hair growth above your lips and on your legs got more frequent? Now this is a problem, but you will use wax instead of the shaving, problem solved. It is really so easy to come up with an explanation for everything, isn’t it?

Hormonal imbalance may be behind it all. If you experience the above mentioned symptoms at once, probably you should consider seeing the doctor, because they might be the signs of insulin resistance. After a glucose tolerance test it will be obvious if your insulin level isn’t ideal, and in case it is necessary, your doctor will suggest you visiting the endocrinologist. Why should you take it seriously?

According Dr. Illés Balogh, Dr. Rose Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute’s experienced endocrinologist, the untreated condition can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which are irreversible. He also added a surprising fact: mobile phones are often responsible for the development of insulin resistance. They are always within reach, and we are flooded with information day and night. Constantly being available puts a pressure on us that increases the stress hormone level and fortunately, it is something we can balance out with a proper diet and exercise plan. However, if we do not rest and exercise enough, and our diet isn’t healthy, the hormone level remains high constantly, which leads to diabetes.

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