Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend January

Three Funzine members, including natives of Budapest and newcomers in the city, share their favourite places and programs in (or close to) the capital every month. In January, you can see the hints of Sári, Cinti, and Ági.


My favourite place: ONO Poke Bowl & Bar

Not so long ago the first poke restaurant of Budapest opened its doors in the close vicinity of Gárdonyi tér. I have to admit that I haven’t heard about the national super food of Hawaii before, but the first time I tasted it, I fell in love. Poke is a one-course dish made of raw vegetables and fish, chicken or tofu: it is not only super healthy but filling too. At ONO Poke Bowl & Bar, hungry visitors can make a dish based on their preferences, or if you’re only getting to know poke like me, you can pick something from the permanent bowl offers. I’m planning to taste all the special offers one by one, but as of now my favourite poke is Peanut Chicken.

My favourite program: Jazz+Az Concert

As a nineties kid, I have tons of heart-warming childhood memories that I like to evoke even by re-watching iconic movies like The Parent Trap, The Addams Family or Jumanji, and by listening to the greatest hits of the period. In the upcoming season, I will have plenty of opportunities to get nostalgic. The second half of December is all about classic family films on commercial TV channels, whereas in January Jazz+Az, the beloved Hungarian music group of the 1990s will get together again to entertain the audience at Budapest Arena. I still have cassettes with the well-known songs of the band, so it will be very special for me to hear them live for the first time in my life.


My favourite place: The baths of Budapest

I love all kinds of waters, so I attempt to stay close to them even in winter. I used to go to swimming pools after the beach season has ended, but recently I started to enjoy relaxing in baths and spas more. After a long day or week, it feels amazing to ease up, switch off my mind, sit and chitchat in the hot water, or just take pleasure in the massaging water bubbles. A spa day like this is especially pleasing in winter as it’s cold outside, maybe snowing, and everything is so calm and peaceful. I usually decide between two baths: Széchenyi Thermal Baths with a wonderful outdoor area, or Lukács Thermal Bath that was recently completed with a new outdoor swimming pool.

My favourite program: Running

Running has been part of my life for a long time, which is partly due to the fact that I can practice regardless of weather conditions. Long-distance running helps me relieve stress and switch off my mind. When I want to leave all my concerns behind, I just put on some music and run. You can run anywhere and discover new places, but if you ask me, running in the nature is the best. In Budapest I prefer Normafa and Margaret Island, while in Pécs, my home town I head to Malomvölgy. These places look even more beautiful at winter when everything is covered with snow and the landscape is so calm and quiet.


My favourite program: Pub quiz

For years, I have participated at weekly pub quiz events with my friends. Pitting your wits against other teams is very entertaining, but these events also serve as a fix meeting point for me and my friends as we can plan other responsibilities of the week around it. The question types and topics are versatile, including multiple choice and analogy questions, as well as audio recordings and pictures, related to literature, film, music, sports, history, geography and pop culture. Sometimes we laugh at how clueless we are about simple questions, but we can also be exceptionally proud of ourselves for solving more complex problems. We attend the events organized by Quizzone which I recommend to everyone, especially during the winter season when it’s slightly harder to find exciting programs in the city.

My favourite place: Úri cipő – Kaptafa

Currently, my favourite place in Budapest is Úri cipő – Kaptafa (something like Gentlemen’s Shoes – Last) that gives home to my birthday party right after the Christmas holidays. I celebrate my jubilee: it’s been ten years since I turned 18 (it sounds much better than saying we’ll celebrate my 28th birthday, right?). Úri cipő is a really lovely venue that offers heavenly dishes such as the one called CPR, a salty French toast filled with cheese and bacon. As opposed to its name, this sandwich makes my heart race. You can take the hair of the dog that bit you, and complete the dish with Morning Beer.