5 Tips for a Successful Lifestyle Change
Find Out How to Make the Process Smooth

Changing habits for a better health seems like a trend nowadays and fortunately, more and more people take it seriously. The end of the year offers a new beginning, which is a driving force for many who make New Year’s resolutions hoping for a sportier, healthier life.

If you want to make sure that your efforts pay off and the lifestyle change works out for you, take the following 5 tips into consideration. Zsolt Madarász, Life1’s personal trainer knows what you go through. According to his experience, most clients seek help at the gym in the first weeks of January, and as the weeks proceed, he witnesses how and why they decide to give up on their plan. “You may encounter some bumps on the road to a successful lifestyle change, and that is demotivating” – he says. But it is not impossible, all you have to do is take Zsolt’s tips!

#1 Be realistic

One of the biggest and most common mistakes is when someone sets unreal goals. It is important that you know what you can achieve and focus on one goal at a time. Also, don’t forget to reward yourself after reaching a daily fitness goal.

#2 Work on your time management

A lifestyle change won’t come without new responsibilities: adding more physical activity to your life, trying a new, healthy diet (that might include conscious grocery shopping and more time spent in the kitchen), and organizing how to spend your active relaxation take time. It is a challenge to fit them all into your everyday life, and if you can’t manage it, you are destined to fail. A possible solution could be to get a calendar and write a to-do list.

#3 Be patient and imperceptible

Life1’s personal trainer says impatience is the worst enemy of those seeking a healthier lifestyle. They expect fast results because of their enthusiasm, and when they can’t see an immediate change, they get disappointed. Some of them even decide to give up on the whole transformation plan. Give yourself time, take small steps, be patient and you’ll get where you want to be.

#4 Be in the know

Before jumping into your new, healthy lifestyle, gather all the necessary information. Read informative books, visit reliable websites or talk to people that inspire you (friends, family members, colleagues), because they could help you with useful tips and share their experience. Finally, feel free to turn to professional dieticians, personal trainers who can save you time, money, and disappointment.


#5 Make it a source of joy

Probably the most important thing is that your lifestyle change should be fun and enjoyable. If you hate the process and only stick to it because it feels like an obligation, it won’t take you anywhere. Learn to cook healthy but flavoursome, pay attention to serving. Fresh, healthy, delicious nutrient meals can become your new guilty pleasure. Make cooking your creative hobby, because cooking well is a gift from life. Think about your workout routine the same way. Find what suits you, something that helps you both physically and mentally. It is up to you to discover the fun side of exercising, so try as many sports as you can.

Did we get you inspired? Do not hesitate to start a new, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible! Visit Life1 Fitness clubs, the first occasion is free between 1 and 20 January! Find all the necessary information online!