The Newest Trends in Breast Augmentation

Two decades ago women were seeking enormous breasts (let’s just think of Pamela Anderson or Samantha Fox), but then the world got crazy about moderate implants. Thanks to the newest trends, preferences are now shifting towards a more natural look.

Ever since breast implants were invented, they’ve been very popular among ladies who weren’t satisfied with their body. The reasons include the genetics factor, a significant weight loss, breastfeeding and age. There’s an interesting fact about the latter: not only women over 40 decide to get themselves a pair of implants but young adults too. As we got to find out from Budapest Plastic Surgery Institute’s plastic surgeon, Dr. Béla Ákos Molnár, breast augmentation is the most popular among women between the age of 20 and 30.

Trends come and go, but as for now, natural looking breasts take the crown. Anatomic shaped implants might be the right choice for patients who are willing to achieve a more natural look and don’t want it to be obvious that they had breast augmentation. The size of anatomic implants is defined by the overall look of the body. Not only are they more aesthetic but they won’t cause back and waist problems in the long run since they are less heavy. The surgeon only performs a breast lift when it is inevitable, but it is not a necessary part of the enlargement process.

In case breasts began to lose their firmness, a breast lift is the only option. Whether the implants should be subglandular or submuscular depends on how the surgeon can achieve the best result. After the operation all patients must wear a special bra for 8 weeks because a stable support is needed to help the recovery process.

Even though a few years ago bad quality implants caused panic among women, today’s silicone implants are safe and lasting. Thanks to their consistency, modern gel pads come with a no leek guarantee. A revision surgery is inevitable after a while, except for when premium quality implants are used as they last a lifetime.