Flavours of the Orient – 3 Asian Restaurants in Budapest

For its colourful and exciting nature, Eastern cuisine invites our taste buds on a mouth-watering feast of delight. You can’t live your life never giving Asian food a try and chances are that the first visit will be followed by many more.

In the past we have heard many times that Asian food is the best. Here’s one great advantage, for instance: with all the seafood, nutritious broths and crunchy veggies you have no reason to worry about your waistline. From rice dishes to flash-fried veggies, noodle soup and seaweed, most dishes are simple and pure. There’s an endless list of delicious meals that you can indulge in, so forget about the greasy, sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice now.

We decided to put together the below selection in order to recommend you the best options in town in case you are seeking the best of Asian food but do not know which restaurant you should opt for. Let’s get into it!

Japanika Sushi Bar

Combining traditional Asian cuisine with the spirit of the Hungarian capital, Japanika Sushi Bar provides food prepared from fresh, premium quality ingredients at wallet-friendly prices. Because, as the management states, sushi is no longer a luxury. The Hungarian joint of the fast-food chain, which entered the continent in 2016, has an extensive and delicious menu featuring meals like Thai noodles, soups, grilled dishes, lovely desserts, and traditional Japanese drinks. The venue’s interior design reflects the lively and exciting gastronomy of the eastern country; walls are decorated with huge chopstick installations, and colourful patterns are painted on the furniture. On Wednesdays, hop in and attend a SPONTAN pre-party with live DJ sets!

1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 11.


Wan Hao

Located in Budapest’s Chinatown, Wan Hao offers authentic Chinese meals such as hot and sour soups, stir-fried flat rice noodles with beef, dim sum baskets, sautéed sliced pork with pepper and chili, Kung pao chicken and egg tart, in an environment where one can easily lose track of time and space. In the upcoming festive days (in December and January) Wan Hao awaits guests with a special menu set for 2 (10 000 HUF) or 4 people (15 000 HUF) in which two main courses can be replaced by stewed pork cubes with tofu skin in brown sauce and sautéed chicken served in a sizzling iron wok. Get a taste of an exciting culture, and enjoy a 10% discount on your food consumption as a Funzine reader! Please note: beverages are not included in the price.

1107 Budapest
Jegenye utca 30.
+36 30 912 6888

Photo: Egy jó kép rólad

Ennmann Japanese Restaurant

In Japan, Christmas is known as a time to spread happiness. If you’re a fan of the ever so popular and colourful Japanese cuisine, share the joy of embarking on wonderful gastronomic adventures at Ennmann Japanese Restaurant with friends or family members. The joint awaits you with a wide range of exquisite meals and offers an abundance of gastronomical delights. Besides the amazing dishes of the Asian country, spicy bites and friendly atmosphere, don’t miss out on Ennmann Japanese Restaurant’s divine sushi selection which is one of the bests in town. Enjoy the mouth-watering bites prepared by Ennmann’s chef (with over a decade of experience) while admiring the picturesque view of the gently flowing Danube and the marvellous Fisherman’s Bastion.

1011 Budapest, Bem rkp. 20.
36 1 426 8157