Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend December

Three Funzine members, including natives of Budapest and newcomers in the city, share their favourite places and programs in (or close to) the capital every month. In December, you can see the hints of Évi, Bogi, and Zoli.


My favourite program: Reading

Even though I like reading books, I wouldn’t consider myself a bookworm. Nonfiction books are my favourite, because I value that they improve my knowledge about the world. It is my intention to read more books rather than spending time on the internet, so in the last few months, I started reading novels and realized how much they help to relax and de-stress. This December I am planning to read a book of a Hungarian author, Az ajtó (The Door) by Magda Szabó. I’ve heard so many good things about it that I was thinking about buying a copy for weeks. Finally I purchased it!

My favourite place: Ahoy!

I may be a winter child, but I do not cope well with the cold weather. I often feel grumpy, especially when I have to wake up so early that it is still dark outside. All I want is to be someplace hot with a body-warming drink in hand, let that be mulled wine, tea or hot chocolate. If I crave the latter, I head to sailor-themed Ahoy! Chocolate and Lemonade Bar that offers heavenly waffles, grilled sandwiches and delicious hot chocolate variations (made of quality Belgian chocolate) with crazy-good topping combinations. Tastes and looks like manna fallen from heaven, you simply can’t get enough of it.


My favourite place: Dagály Spa

Last winter I explored the reopened Dagály Spa for the first time. It is the perfect location to recharge our batteries in the weekends: the two hot water pools that are open in the winter season are great for active relaxation. After swimming, I like to go to the wellness section and the thermal spas. I can fully unwind in the steamy water while letting go of all the troubles of the week, or even the year. Beside hot saunas, it’s worth visiting the salt room and the tepidarium in the wellness department. With a spa session like this, you’ll feel much more energized to start the sometimes tiring Christmas preparation.

My favourite program: City walks

In December Budapest wears its festive attire. The main streets of the city are beautifully light-up, while the shop windows are decorated in a Christmas spirit. I like to wander around the city centre and embrace the festive vibes at this time of the year. Walking in the city centre, it’s impossible that you won’t bump into a Christmas fair, where you can enjoy the holidays through heavenly smells and tastes. To end your winter walk in a befitting manner, drink a mug of mulled wine in good company: with your family and friends.


My favourite place: MÜPA

This Christmas I and my family will watch The Nutcracker performed by the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied by the wonderful dance of Pécs Ballet. In the last few decades, Tchaikovsky’s music returned into my life every year when the winter holidays were approaching: it reminds me of family traditions such as decorating the Christmas tree at home, and many stories and melodies cross my mind when I think about this special composition. For me, The Nutcracker equals to the festive spirit and the belief that we still have something good in this world.

My favourite program: Star Wars Exhibition

Star Wars was first screened in Hungary in August 1979, two years after its original premiere: it was exactly 40 years ago. To celebrate the jubilee, a special exhibition displaying rarities from private collections arrived from Paris to Budapest. Everyone in the family became a huge fan of the series, so we are planning to both watch the newest film and visit the exhibition. The kids really want to try the interactive parts of the display such as the green box photo studio, where you can take photos with your favourite characters, or the virtual reality room with its galactic space battles. I hope the exhibition will be able to evoke the iconic world of Star Wars.