December Can’t Go By without the Best Sustainable Fashion Picks

It’s a tradition at Szputnyik shops, the popular clothing stores offering both hand selected vintage and limited new designs, to dedicate their winter editorial to ugly Christmas sweaters to show us how diversity and playfulness can make the holidays even more special.

These sweaters, whether they’re full of fringes, reindeers, penguins, polar bears or flickering lights, indicate that Christmas is coming up, giving us reasons to celebrate! Their colourful nature shows us the real spirit of Christmas: we might all be different, but we come together this time of the year in the name of love.

Szputnyik’s ugly vintage sweater selection has hundreds of different designs that have been collected from all over the world. Their ever-playful spirit is one of the main reasons these items have so much value for all of us. They have a simple but important message: don’t take life and yourself too seriously!

You’ll find both basic and unique pieces in the 2019 selection of Szputnyik Shop, but one thing’s for sure: there’s no chance you’d bump into someone on the streets wearing the exact same outfit as you are. Dare to break the boring fashion rules so that you won’t need to quit your sustainable lifestyle in the festive season. Choose sustainable fashion for a brighter future!

Be creative, express yourself and give the gift of uniqueness to those who matter to you the most! Surprise your loved ones with vintage treasures this Christmas, and remain environmentally conscious during your holiday shopping, too!

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