The Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest

Lucky for us, cocktails are not seasonal like open-air parties or wine drinking by the river. Let’s dive into the best cocktail bars Budapest has in store for us.

Morrison’s 2

You have probably heard about or been to Morrison’s 2 (a hundred times), the not-so-hidden gem of Budapest nightlife. The downtown venue is open every day, so whenever you feel like going out, this place has got your back. Good vibes are guaranteed, as even on weekdays, Morrison’s 2 is packed with fun people. What’s more, entry is free before midnight all week! Beside a wide range of alcoholic beverages, you’ll find seasonally changing, premium quality cocktails that are creatively decorated. The newest addition to their drink list is a gin & tonic section that boasts grapefruit, cucumber and strawberry flavours.

Funzine Favourite: Whenever the Funzine team gathers in Morrison’s 2 to let off steam after a busy week, we like to opt for The World of Cocktail drink offer that consists of ten optional cocktails for a very reasonable price (10,000 HUF). Depending on the number of people you arrive with, you had better make a reservation and buy one or two drink packages in advance – all you have to do is type Morrison’s 2 in your search bar!

1055 Budapest, Szent István krt. 11.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest : Morrison’s 2


Paulay Ede utca boasts a seemingly low-key cocktail bar that brings fluid excitement into our lives. To help you find the one for your taste, the colourful cocktails are divided into different categories: the Everything Interesting section for example includes Positive Drinking, aka Earl Grey tea with Unicum Plum and a pinch of salt, but our top recommendation is the Rye’n Goslings milk punch. You won’t find mainstream cocktail offers on the drink list, but the bartenders are happy to fulfil your wishes. Their professionalism may be among the reasons why Boutiq was named one of the 50 best cocktail bars of 2012. The cocktails are priced reasonably, and they come with salty popcorn and cucumber water.

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 5.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest : Boutiq’Bar


There’s one important thing you have to know about WarmUp before heading to Nagydiófa utca in the party district: you’ll not find drink lists on the tables, which has nothing to do with negligence. In fact, the bartenders will create you a personalized cocktail after a quick interview on your preferences, mood and special requests, so chances are that you’ll end up with a unique liquid masterpiece that suits you in a way you haven’t even thought of. The WarmUp team strives for liqueur perfection under all circumstances, for which they use premium quality alcoholic drinks exclusively. The venue is open from 6 PM every day, pay it a visit!

1072 Budapest, Nagy Diófa u. 26.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest : WarmUp

Black Swan Budapest

The nest of the black swan is located in an ordinary neighbourhood behind average looking brick walls, with only a few lines of light filtering through the heavy velvet curtains. There’s no chance you’ll drop by this place accidentally, but trust us when we say you’ll regret forever if you miss entering this macro world where illusion becomes reality. With its great deal of top-notch drink and food offers, Black Swan Budapest is an art deco bar that aims to provide a meeting point for people who are open to high quality cocktail culture and gastronomy. (Just so you know: their Hemingway Daiquiri is to die for.)

1072 Budapest, Klauzál u. 32.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Budapest : Black Swan