4 Programs You Shouldn’t Miss at This Year’s CAFe Budapest

October’s most awaited cultural event of Budapest is around the corner: CAFe Budapest will be organized between 4 and 20 October, on 40 different locations. Let us recommend you a few exciting programs that crown the colourful festival schedule.

Dimitri de Perrot: Myousic

11 October

Accompanied by virtuoso jazz drummer Julian Sartorius, Swiss artist Dimitri de Perrot brings a unique sound-based performance to Trafó House. The DJ turned internationally acknowledged musician and director explores the narrative power of sound in his Myousic performance, a theatrical play without actors, in which the audience assigns images to sounds. “For fifteen years my career was equal to mixing music (from hip hop and Latin pop to rap and reggae) in different night clubs. I partook in many music projects, where I was mixing music live on stage. In the meantime I recorded the most peculiar sounds in theatres and recording studios: the moment before the singers start to sing, their breathing, the movements of the audience, clapping, and the outside noise. I went through a few hundred hours of recordings to compile the soundtrack of Myousic which was one of the most exciting working processes I’ve ever experienced in my life. I see the audience as a contemporary orchestra, even though the biggest surprise will be Julius who appears in a box to enchant the viewers,” comments Perrot on his show.

Lőrinc Barabás: Metamorphosis

19 October

Trumpet player Lőrinc Barabás is a prominent figure of international jazz and pop music scene: wherever he plays, he becomes the favourite of several generations. He founded his first band when he went to university in Budapest, but he studied in New York and lived in London too. He won the Tomsits Rudolf Talent Show in 2008 and has built his career consciously ever since. His quartet was established in 2015, and this October he will perform his latest art piece titled Metamorfózis (Metamorphosis) together with Budapest Chamber Sinfonietta at Várkert Bazár. His show represents transformation, a new step in his career.

Volkova Sisters: Ten Years of Sorrow

18 October

The Volkova Sisters consider themselves the first Hungarian group to mix dark wave, shoegazing, cyber, and goth tron. Dalma Berger and Dániel Sándor established the formation – now based in London – ten years ago to show their dark side in a free-spirited way which brought them Magyar Klipszemle’s (a Hungarian music video contest) grand prize. This dark side will be in the spotlight on their jubilee warehouse show called Ten Years of Sorrow, complete with enigmatic installations and screening. DJ Splatter will kick off the night with his post-industrial rhythms which will be followed by Viktor Szeri’s location specific Blackheads performance. Later on the music of Volkova Sisters will pulsate in the darkening space with Yinna’s witch techno closing the special program. Head to Artus Studio on 18 October to witness the selection of these instinctive shows.


Vágtázó Halottkémek // Föllakzoid

10 October

The shaman punk of Vágtázó Halottkémek (basically translates to Galloping Coroners) draws from the ultimate creative power of the universe: the ancient folk music. Due to its intensity, the music of the band founded by Atilla Grandpierre 45 years ago was close to being banned several times before 1986, but their zeal remained unchallenged. Their psychedelic punk is influenced by not just folk but world music and mythical effects too; in fact, the formation likes to define their music style as magical folk. The last time you can listen to Vágtázó Halottkémek in Hungary before their VHK 45 concert is on 10 October at Átrium. The Chilean Föllakzoid will warm up the audience from 7.30 PM with beats more electronic but sensationally harmonizing with the main performers, who will bring the excitement to fever pitch afterwards.