Public Forum on Sustainable Urban Living

Between 4-6 October Art Market Budapest and Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto invite us on an exciting program series: an open forum on sustainable urban living.

Rebirth Forum

In October 2019, the cooperation of Cittadellarte and Art Market Budapest 2019 will bring Third Paradise to Budapest in the form of a complex series of programs focusing on questions around human existence and the sustainability of urban living. One of the key elements of Pistoletto: Third Paradise Budapest 2019 is the three-day public forum entitled Rebirth Forum. This event aims to engage participants from a diversity of backgrounds to think together and develop innovative ideas that could help make people’s everyday lives more comfortable through technology, while at the same time prioritizing sustainability and the preservation of nature, in the hope of eventually achieving the state of the Third Paradise.

Up to 100 people are expected to be selected through an open call to participate in the work of the forum. They then will be forming smaller groups and will discuss 10 broad topics, after which each group will present the results of their discussions to the others. The following topics are planned for discussion: self-sustaining cities, water, health, communication channels, transport, food and nutrition, wasteful consumption, climate depression, recycling, and cash flow. The point of the forum is to bring together willing participants who can see and consider such social and environmental issues from a wide variety of perspectives, and to inspire the formulation of common ideas and suggestions.

Be part of the change

You too can participate in the work of the forum, and you’re invited to formulate your own suggestions. Apply HERE.

For more information, click HERE or HERE.