„It’s Impossible to Create a Visual Lie Unless You Know the Exact Truth”
Interview with Flóra Borsi

Flóra Borsi’s manipulated photos have already gained international fame, and as an additional program to World Press Photo Exhibition, open from 19 September, the Hungarian audience will finally get the chance to see them on display. We asked Flóra about major accomplishments and the road to success.   

Photo credit: Flóra Borsi

The world knows you as the Queen of Photoshop. What are the stages of a creative process for you?

Most of the time I have a vision in my mind before grabbing a piece of paper to make a sketch. Then I take photos and insert my visual materials into a photo composition. My technique, photo manipulation helps me break the boundaries of reality and gives me the opportunity to literally make my dreams come true.

Photo credit: Flóra Borsi

What’s your artistic mission?

I’d like to make people remember why we are on this planet now: to feel, experience, live for special moments and relationships. I’d like to awaken thoughts and feelings that were fuelled by our naivety in our childhood, things people could experience without fearing from the conventions of society.

Photo credit: Flóra Borsi

You are a self-taught Photoshop user. What’s your advice for those choosing the same path?     

Make lots of mistakes! Whenever I tried to solve a problem, I learned and deepened my knowledge. If we want to create a picture via photo manipulation, what we have to do is solve a problem in a visual language. It requires attention as well as inspiration from studying the laws of nature and physics. It’s impossible to create a visual lie unless you know the exact truth.

Photo credit: Flóra Borsi

Which of your photos is the most controversial?

My newest photo called AMAZONAS. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on this one, because the destruction of the Amazonas rain forest is a global issue. In my opinion, an artist must show the world those unsolved, serious issues which people wouldn’t think of otherwise. This photo also got negative comments from those who thought I should do something instead of “posting a stupid picture”. Even though I don’t agree with the critics, I initiated a charity for an Amazonia-based non-profit association; we’ve already collected more than 200 000 HUF.


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A M A Z O N A S #amazonas

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The globe got to learn your name in 2014, but in Hungary your works will be displayed for the first time at World Press Photo Exhibition 2019. Do you feel that the Hungarian scene finally gives you credit?

In the past I missed my own country’s support and feedback, and I was upset because, while in different parts of the world I was a „celebrated” artist, in Hungary I had to face difficulties. Also, local photographers did not seem to show any interest towards my work for years. This tendency is finally changing, and considering the volume of World Press Photo, I think this is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever got. I feel honoured and I hope people who have never seen my photos before will happily come to the exhibition.

Photo credit: Flóra Borsi

Tamás Révész, the organizer of the event and I talked about a possible collaboration before, but I doubted my portfolio was good enough for such an exhibition. Fortunately, with the help of sponsors (Epson, Giclée Factory) we will be able to make this huge milestone happen. It’s a very real, but at the same time movie-worthy miracle for me.

What are your plans for the future?

Right now I am working on my fall exhibition. Also, I was invited to hold a lecture in Austria’s biggest modern museum. In a few weeks I am travelling to Shanghai, as the local Hungarian consulate asked me to exhibit some of my works in an event organized for the 70th anniversary of China and Hungary’s diplomatic relation.