Malenki Robot Memorial in the Hungarian National Museum

The Hungarian National Museum’s exhibition site Circles of Hell… “Malenki Robot” – Forced Labour in the Soviet Union commemorates the massive displacement of Hungarians after World War II, when the increasing number of jailed civilians led to the opening of more and more forced labour camps.

People had to live by strict rules: waking up at dawn, standing for long hours for inspections and food, both women and men working hard for 12-14 hours. The primary aim was to make them rebuild the country. As a result of the bad quality and scarce food, exhausting working hours and terrible hygienic conditions, hundreds of people died in the Soviet Union.

The interactive exhibition introduces us to these horrible times and the moments of returning home by way of photographs, posters, interviews and written memories of survivors. Open for only pre-registered groups (minimum 5 people).

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