Funzine Insider: This is How We Spend August

Three Funzine members, including natives from Budapest and newcomers in the city, share their favourite places and programs in (or close to) the capital every month. In August, you can see the hints of Zoli, Ági, and Orsi.


My favourite place: Olimpia Restaurant

In August I will redeem myself by visiting Olimpia Restaurant, which I have planned for quite a long time. The venue is not even far from my home, but I haven’t eaten there for ten years now. Despite of its out-of-the-city-centre location, Olimpia equals to a gastronomic phenomenon in the map of Budapest-based restaurants, with its innovative cuisine run by Csaba Ádám and Sándor Kis and influenced by modern, international dishes. Famous for its daily offers written on a black board, Olimpia works with local producers who provide the kitchen with premium quality seasonal ingredients. A tempting selection of craft beers and fine wines completes the exciting menu.

My favourite program: Hungarian Grand Prix

I haven’t missed any of the Hungarian Grand Prix races in 15 years. Formula 1 has long been the playground of interesting personalities, drama, adventures, victories, and tragedies. I have been watching the F1 races for 33 years, and even though I’ve seen three generations of drivers, the state-of-the-art technologies and the rivalry of the teams have always blown my mind. I’m fascinated by all the teamwork that’s behind a victory. So between 2-4 August Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix in Mogyoród – I can’t wait.


My favourite program: Riding my bike

I have lived in the city centre for ten years now, so I ride my bike everywhere. My bicycle is a number one equipment of my everydays, an eco-friendly means of public transport that I enjoy a lot. I’ve recently decided to cycle more for fun. I have even made some resolutions: 1) if you flip to the right page, you’ll see three cycling routes around Budapest, from which I promise to do at least one, 2) I will take part in the next Bike & Breakfast event in Óbuda, where bikers are welcome with fresh pastries, coffee, and juices.

My favourite place: ARAZ Restaurant

Although I love cooking, I don’t always have time to do so on the busy weekdays. As the Funzine HQ is situated in the heart of the city, at Kálvin tér, there are a bunch of lunch offers in the area to choose from. When I’m in the mood for something extraordinary, I head to ARAZ Restaurant. Beside the top-notch food, the dining experience is like a relaxing journey, as in summer the inner courtyard of ARAZ turns into a BBQ party venue, where the delicious dishes are made in front of our eyes. I can create my two or three-course menu from a list of heavenly offers, for a reasonable price.

photo by Kriszti Németh


My favourite program: Festival of Folk Arts

Regardless of the time and place, I love shopping all year round. I’m a big fan of artisan fairs, so I’ll for sure head to Festival of Folk Arts in August. I’m a regular at the four-day event, where I like to get a glimpse of how the nicely-shaped kitchen pottery, the folk clothes of different regions, and detailed lace tablecloths are made. When the time for Festival of Folk Arts comes (this year 18-21 August), I usually set off with a shopping list in my head, listing all the items I want to purchase. So far I’ve always found everything I needed.

My favourite place: Opus Jazz Club

No matter where I am – in a huge stadium or a steamy little concert hall – I love listening to live music. Jazz music started to draw my attention not so long ago, and I’ve discovered the best venue to enjoy such melodies: Opus Jazz Club in District IX. Not only are Hungarian artists scheduled to play there, but international jazz bands and musicians also entertain the curious crowds. In August, I wouldn’t miss the BMC International Cimbalom Contest that showcases new talents and places this incredibly diverse instrument into a 21st century context between August 25-31 at Budapest Music Center and Opus.