Residents’ Budapest Bucket List (Museum Edition)

We might walk around historical sights on a daily basis, but there are certain venues and museums we’ve somehow never got to visit before. Here are a few bucket list worthy locations!

Budapest History Museum (Ági)

I’ve been living in Budapest for 14 years, and it’s safe to say that I love and know the city. Budapest History Museum is always my plan „B”, the right occasion simply hasn’t come yet.

Mai Manó Ház (Bogi)

I’ve walked past this beautiful building (built in 1894) several times but never entered. I’m interested in the photography exhibitions which evoke the ambience of its eventful past.

House of Terror Museum (Cinti)

History has always interested me; the House of Terror Museum chose shocking ways to interpret the monstrosity of past dictatorships, but the presentation of events is very factual and informative.

Dracula’s Chamber (Évi)

Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned inside the Castle Mountain’s labyrinth in the 15th century, and I’ve heard there’s a must-see exhibition in the chamber.

Aeropark (Kriszti)

Knowing that I can go very close to them and even sit in the cockpit, the veteran airplanes of Aeropark, located right next to Liszt Ferenc International Airport, keep impressing me.

Parliament (Léna)

As a child, I attended a Christmas celebration in the Parlament’s building. I haven’t been there since it was renovated a few years ago, but I definitely plan to go sometime.

Hungarian Open Air Museum (Orsi)

As a dog mom, I’d like to bring along my dog, Filkó to as many places as possible. The Hungarian Open Air Museum, Várfok Gallery, Mai Manó Ház and Óbuda Museum are all on our bucket list.

Pinball Museum (Sári)

Since I’ve first heard about it, I knew I must visit the Pinball Museum. I haven’t played in 15 years, but fortunately, the exhibited machines are in such good condition that visitors are allowed to try them.

Hungarian National Museum (Zoli)

Görgei lived 98 years, but we hardly know anything about him other than his involvement in the revolution and independence war of 1848-49. The temporary exhibition, „The Unsung Hero: General Görgei” is available until 20 August.