The Flavours of Home – Kemenes Confectionery

In the neighborhood of the Great Market Hall, under Vámház boulevard 9. the third shop of the Kemenes family business was opened last Sunday. The company earned its fame in less than a decade and they opened their first confectionery in 2015. Besides the sweets and cakes, the newest unit offers hot meals to its visitors, making it the perfect place for both a cup of coffee and a nice lunch.

The philosophy of Kemenes is to create a familiar atmosphere and serve “home-cooked” meals made solely from natural ingredients without any preservative, flavour enhancer or bulking agent. Moreover, the familiar tone of the business can be spotted in the management too. Edith Kemenes, the founder of the company manages the business with the help of her two daughters, Tímea and Noémi, and the love for cooking and baking was passed on to her granddaughters as well.

Besides the traditional, home-made cakes like Gerbeaud or apple pie, modern pastries like macarons, cheesecake and mousse can be found on the dessert menu of the new Kemenes unit, as well as light meals, perfect for lunch. The brand’s inspiring story started during the Great Recession when Edith, who was then in her 50s, was forced to find a new path in life after her previous business went bankrupt. She has always loved cooking and baking and has always received compliments, so when she had to set a new goal, she decided to open a confectionery where visitors can taste the flavours of home. Her two daughters, a lawyer and a teacher are actively helping their mother ever since she started Kemenes.

The Kemenes family is confident that the Vámház boulevard shop will soon be as popular with the audience as the other two units, and they are already planning on opening another confectionery in Buda.