Natural Cosmetics For Summer

Using natural cosmetics has numerous benefits for your skin: less exposure for toxins, no parabens, better nourishment, and so on. It is no surprise that natural cosmetics are living their heyday, and thanks to the great bunch of local and international beauty brands available in Hungary, there are plenty of natural skincare products to choose from.


Lush’s Shimmy Shimmy adds a glorious glow to the skin, helping you show off your tan. Made of fair trade shea and cocoa butters, it leaves your skin soft and lovely. All you have to do is gently stroke the bar onto the area you’d like to highlight. Another one of Lush’s must-have summer products is The Rough with the Smooth, a deeply exfoliating treat that smooths your skin with granulated sugar and murumuru butter. It smells irresistible!


Hungarian natural cosmetics brand PomPom creates wonderful serums, gels, and many other products of quality natural ingredients. Energize and defend your skin with the brand’s Vitamin C moisturizing face gel which was inspired by the refreshing and soft summer rain. Splash your face with cold water and then massage a few drops of the crème into your skin. Note: it’s also a decent primer. No paraben, no artificial colourings or fragrances.

Source: PomPom


Over 100 products are available on Manna’s website, with many of the Hungarian brand’s customer favourites purchasable in local drugstores. Our picks are undoubtedly Manna’s shea butter variations perfect for pre-meditation body moisturizing, but the floral cream deodorant called Harmatos Hajnal (dewy dawn) is just as essential on hot summer days. It contains shea and coconut butter, 100% pure geranium, camphor, and ylang-ylang essential oils. Chemical and palm oil free.

Source: Manna