Vintage Hubs of the City

It’s easy to pass by the best vintage stores and second hand shops in Budapest as they tend to rent a little but packed room in an often secluded side street in the city centre. Here are the ones we’ve already discovered and fell for immediately.

Let’s start this vintage store guide with Konfekció, an authentic lil’ shop behind Rákóczi Market Hall in District VIII. Expect nothing fancy but everything original as the shelves are packed with non-conformist statement pieces of passed eras.

A few blocks away, you’ll bump into Typo Showroom on Krúdy Gyula utca, offering a colourful selection of vintage and modern classics, shoes, bags and accessories. From time to time, the clothes shop turns into a half-open music venue with live DJ sets and tasty cocktails.

If you continue your way towards Dohány utca, after a few minutes of walking, you’ll find yourself at one of the Szputnyik stores (the other is at Király utca, but their goods are accessible online too). The unusually large assortment of clothing is known for its paradoxicality, mixing the new with the old, and the modern with the vintage.

From Szputnyik, head to Károly körút’s Humana Vintage with special daily discounts so favourable you’ll want to buy everything.