Go Green Challenge

On 3 July, we celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day. We hope that by now most of you have tried to reduce (or cut out) the use of plastic bags, so instead of asking you to spend a day without buying new one-use bags, we’ve created the Go Green Challenge to dare you to keep the below guidelines for at least a week. Are you in?

#1 Always have reusable bottles and tote bags with you. Cut the use of plastic water bottles, paper coffee cups, and plastic bags.

#2 Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating your meat consumption.

#3 Bring your reusable lunch box to work! Fill it with homemade food or take it to your favourite take-out restaurant, and cut the use of plastic packaging.

#4 Buy nothing new. Renew your old clothes, or purchase second-hand items.

#5 Waste less water. Have shorter showers, turn the tap off while brushing your teeth, and do only full loads of laundry and dishes.

#6 Cut the time you spend online. Stay offline as long as you can. Start with a social media ban until noon.

#7 Clean out your clothes, and donate the ones you don’t need.

#8 Instead of watching TV in the evenings, read a book.

#9 Say no to straws.

#10 Avoid using the tumble-dryer, line-dry instead.

#11 Walk or bike everywhere you can.

#12 Change paper napkins for cloth ones.

#13 Recycle glass and aluminium.

#14 Drink tap water.

#15 Buy local products. Visit farmers market as much as possible.

#16 Use energy efficient light bulbs, and turn off lights when you’re not in the room.

#17 Use e-ticket when travelling by train or aeroplane.

#18 Pay household bills online.

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