The Newest Farm-to-Table Restaurant Opened in the Heart of Budapest

While Budapest’s world-renowned Party District may seem like the last place you’d go for a close-to-nature food experience, it is exactly here, on buzzing Dohány Street, where TATI opened its doors this November, much to the delight of environmentally conscious epicures.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

Planet-Friendly Restaurant in the Heart of Budapest

Co-founded by Barbara Poisson-Angeli, the owner of tropical Twentysix and the mastermind behind the Plant a Tree Cocktail, TATI is the latest joiner of the farm-to-table movement, a culinary concept which embraces a sustainable approach to the restaurant’s supply chain, ensuring that everything you’re served – including the meats, the veggies, and the fruits – is sourced locally and is of great quality.

Photo by Bálint Kiss/Socially

Since moving fresh ingredients from small producers directly to the restaurant generally has a high cost, up until now, this approach has been associated with expensive fine dining venues, but TATI is here to bring the joys of eco-friendly dining to a wider audience with reasonable prices and homely flavors.

Top-Notch Dishes of the Season

To reflect the seasonal changes in nature, TATI’s menu is revamped every two or three months by Chef Attila Gáspár, whose experiences in the British and Norwegian culinary scenes echo in the presentation and creative content of every single dish, from salt-baked beets to sturgeon filet risotto. Ingredients come from local producers, including Boldizsár Horváth, who acts as a food consultant and the restaurant’s main supplier through his Farm2Fork initiative.

Photo by Kata Balogh/Socially

Blending together modern gastronomy trends with an appreciation for traditional recipes and the bountiful soil of the countryside, the dishes rolled out of TATI’s kitchen perfectly demonstrate the fact that you can have your carbon footprint-reduced apple cake or vegan pumpkin brownie and eat it too!

Or maybe it isn’t sugar that you crave for, but something more substantial: how about a hearty goulash soup chock full of ethically sourced beef cubes, root vegetables, and noodles, or a creamy chicken paprikash made from free-range chicken, garnished with buttered dumplings and fresh vinegar lettuce, and topped with a dollop of sour cream? We don’t know about you, but just typing that out was enough to make our mouths water.

Photo by Kata Balogh/Socially

Excellent Drinks from Local Producers

In case that water proves to be insufficient to last you through the meal, you can choose from a wide range of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines to whet your whistle with (procured from Hungarian winemakers, of course). You can also go for one of TATI’s signature cocktails and have a tree planted in your name, or order a glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice to boost your antioxidant levels.

Photo by Kata Balogh/Socially

Romantically rural, yet unapologetically cosmopolitan, offering nourishment that is healthy, homely, and tasty all at once, TATI is like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the concrete jungle, and a place where we’d gladly return to anytime we’d like to catch a break from the hustle and bustle of Budapest in a manner that is good for our mind, body, and our planet.

TATI Farm to Table 

1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 58-62.