Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend July

Three Funzine members, including natives from Budapest and newcomers in the city, share their favourite places and programs in (or close to) the capital every month. In July, you can see the hints of Bogi, Timi, and Juca.


My favourite place: Fragola

I can’t think of a better way of cooling myself down in summer than visiting Fragola Ice Cream Shop. My favourite flavours in Fragola include acidic fruit ice creams, and I love experimenting with the new flavour combinations that I encounter every time I go to the confectionary. The cherry on top is the carefully selected ingredients Fragola uses to make ice cream. My favourite office days in summer always end in Fragola with the whole Funzine team munching on heavenly scoops of ice cream.

My favourite program: Beach

Many would agree that spending the day on a beach is the best program in the heat wave, so I usually escape the city and head to a lake close to Budapest. My all time favourite is Lake Balaton of course, but we often drive to Lake Velence too. Beaches around Lake Balaton have special retro vibes that remind me of my childhood summertime memories. If I could, I’d spend the whole summer on my beach mattress in Lake Balaton. This summer I’ll aim to satisfy my longing and spend as much time on the beach as possible.


My favourite place: Leo Budapest

Having a refreshing lemonade or energizing cocktail in a rooftop bar while admiring the beautiful panorama of Budapest is a blast! Last summer I was already a regular in Leo Budapest located on the top of Clark Hotel as the bar works with the best bartenders in the city who fulfil all our wishes and the view over the Danube and Chain Bridge from this place is a must-see. This year Leo Budapest welcomes everyone with renewed design and a more spacious hall. Although the bar is not exactly budget-friendly, the panorama and the exceptional service are worth all your money (at least once this summer).

My favourite program: Pedalo

It’s incredible that we didn’t travel to Lake Balaton together with my two best friends during our 20-year friendship until a few weeks ago when we finally made it to the beach in Balatonfüred. We ticked off each item on the ultimate Balaton bucket list: eating lángos, doing a handstand in the water, treating ourselves with ice cream, and renting a pedalo. The day trip reminded all of us of cheerful childhood memories and Lake Balaton moments that we shared with each other laughing out loud. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to spare some time for jumping into the water!


My favourite place: Erm’s Burgerbistro

When I recently visited the picturesque town of Szentendre located 21 kilometres from Budapest, I ended up finding the most delicious burger I’ve ever tasted, in a quiet little street. The meat heaven goes under the name of Erm’s Burgerbistro, and makes handmade burgers based on old family recipes. The key to success is the perfect Angus beef patty and the secret homemade burger sauce. Erm’s Burgerbistro is just another reason why it’s worth visiting Szentendre.

My favourite program: Outdoor cinema

In July, I love attending open-air film screenings on Wednesdays in Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró situated on Római-part, while sipping on elderflower flavoured lemonade and munching on tortilla chips with guacamole. I can’t imagine summer evenings without the Danube riverside, and I can’t imagine the Danube riverside without Fellini Római Kultúrbisztró. Important to note, if you want to have a comfy seat in the free-of-charge outdoor cinema, you should arrive in time, or you can bring along a blanket and find a free spot to lie down.