Being Environmentally Conscious is Cool

Though we aren’t aware of restaurants that compost their food waste using a bicycle-powered pickup service like in some countries, and plastic or wooden stirrers aren’t substituted by fetuccine pasta sticks in cafés, the Hungarian restaurant scene has also been touched by the sustainability revolution in one way or another. We are proud to present some of the honourable pioneers.

Szimpla háztáji

Opened in 2013, Szimpla Háztáji provides tasty and healthy foods and other delicacies sourced freshly from Szimpla farmers’ market. They pay special attention to sustainability: they don’t use disposable plates and cutlery, and emphasize their attention to detail, taps don’t drip, for instance.

Good Karma

Inspired by modern Indian gastronomy, Good Karma is a fast-casual brand operating as a conscious business in District II. It’s an eco-friendly place where meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, and people seeking to live gluten-free can all find healthy options. Their motto: “Success is measured by the positive impact that we have on our world.”

Arriba Taqueria

In 2008, Arriba Taqueria was one of the first restaurants in Budapest to utilize environmentally-friendly packaging and recycling bins. Whenever possible, the chain of gourmet Mexican taquerias uses environmentally safe materials – including cardboard to-go packaging – while actively promoting the importance of recycling and eco-friendly packaging. In 2018, the chain recycled over 8 300 kg of paper, glass and plastic. Recently, Arriba added EcoHills disposable straws made from vegetable raw materials.

BBZ bar & grill’s

Located close to Deák Ferenc tér, BBZ bar & grill’s team also takes social responsibility very seriously. Not only do they support certain charity organizations like WWF, from time to time they organize events promoting the importance of sustainable business practices and participates in the annually organized Earth Hour to raise attention to climate change. Completely plastic-free!

Krak’n Town

The steampunk gastro pub, Krak’n Town doesn’t use palm oil and disposable plastic plates or tools either. The only available straws are made of PLA (plan-based plastic). They work solely with consumer safe, eco-friendly cleaning products, and beer is stored in reusable plastic containers. What else could be their motto: “Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with beer.”

Placc Café

Just a stone’s throw away from Szent Gellért tér you’ll find Placc Café, a coffee oasis where sustainable ideas are just as important as your morning caffeine dose. When it comes to food, they attempt to minimalize their economic footprint by sourcing ingredients from the closest farms possible.