Your Favourite New Spot: Szomszéd Kertje

Located in the place where Nosztori Kocsma used to stand in Csopak, Szomszéd kertje is a cozy socializing spot where locals come as if it was their best neighbour, because it gives visitors the feeling of home. Furry friends are welcome too, including the four-legged host, Toto’s friends.

When a great idea and a traveled chef meet…

Everyone who has ever visited Szomszéd kertje knows what it feels like to spend a few hours in the flowery garden where the irresistible smell of grilled-meat lingers around. In the winter, guests are welcome to take a seat inside, near the fireplace. Other than the love for the hospitality industry and quality food, fire and Attila Tóth, the mastermind behind the idea, are the driving forces behind the pub/restaurant.

The chef has travelled around the world, from London to Central America, and acted as the patron of several eatery concepts from planning to the day they’ve been opened. In 2018, he finally realized a dream: he opened his own restaurant. The fast casual eatery offers fresh meals prepared on the open fire, in a furnace, on an iron sheet or grill, using local ingredients, and creating something “crazy” every week. Food with a twist is what you can expect from them. Wine is sourced from nearby wineries, and the drink menu also features artisan beer and fruit syrups.

Your go-to place in every season

Using the phrase „child-friendly” isn’t only a marketing idea here. This summer, children’s menu will feature meals inspired by local students. On Sunday, a hearty lunch is awaiting everyone, with meals like breaded meat, meat soup and a creamy dessert. Au pairs and local animators are present to take care of and entertain kids.

The restaurant is open in every season, and surprisingly enough, its „loudest” seasons are autumn and winter. Hop in anytime, because there’s a chance you’ll find yourself at a live music event with jazz and blues, or even a DJ set.

You have to go see (and experience) it for yourself: the restaurant is so charming, the little coffee terrace and the huge garden are lovely, and service is incredibly friendly!

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