World Art Nouveau Day in Budapest
All the events for the 15th of June

This year’s Art Nouveau Day in Budapest is full of exciting events. 

Every year since 2013, on a Hungarian  initiative, we celebrate World Art Nouveau Day in June to honour this unique art scene of the turn of the century. This year, the theme of the event, proposed by the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, an international organisation for the popularization of Art Nouveau, is staircases.

A special event of the program series is a free temporary exhibition dedicated to architect Albert Kálmán Kőrössy, which will be displayed on the opening day (15 June) near City Park in Ráth György Villa. The institution’s permanent exhibition, „Art Nouveau – a Hungarian Perspective” will also be open for tourists who can admire the rich collection while taking part in a guided tour.

Source: Iparművészeti Múzeum

On the occasion of World Art Nouveau Day, we can participate in a 2-hour city walk „The Gems of Budapest” showing us the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings near Andrássy Avenue.

Starting at 1 PM guests can also watch the documentary „Art Nouveau without Borders” in the institution.

The entry to all mentioned events is free of charge but subject to registration at the website of the museum.

The project is realised as part of the Danube Transnational Programme, with the financial support of the European Union Funds and the Hungarian government.