May the Rosé Be with You!

Budapest’s biggest season opening wine festival will be organized for the 8th consecutive time between 31 May and 2 June, enticing you to welcome summer with delicious rosés, sparkling wines, gourmet gastronomy, live music concerts, and family events.

Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry

Besides featuring the produces of more than 60 Hungarian wineries and showcasing the latest street food trends, the organizers of Rosalia also have a series of great programmes in store for you; from concerts and parties through the annual Wine of the Park competition (where we’ll find out which one is this summer’s most popular rosé wine) to sourdough bread tasting.

Serving the entertainment of children, the ŠKODA KRESZ Park will be filled with foot-to-floor minicars. A team of Liget Budapest Projekt, in partnership with House of Hungarian Music and the Museum of Fine Arts, ensures that your kids will have a ton of fun and exciting things to do while you’re sampling the latest harvest. Drop by City Park and start this summer season by spending a lovely day under the cool shade of a tree, chatting over a glass of exquisite wine, enjoying a concert, and picking your favourite rosé or sparkling wine!

Csányi Winery

The predecessor of Csányi Winery was founded by the famous viticulturist and the saviour of Hungarian winemaking, Zsigmond Teleki in 1881. His legacy still plays a key role in defining the long-term goals of the winery and the everyday life of the estate. Deep below the state of the art winery you find Villány’s longest cellar system, where every year the winery bottles over two million wines. As the largest winery of the region, Csányi owns territories in every top quality vineyard of the area, including Kopár vineyard, Ördögárok, Csillagvölgy, and Jammertal.

Currently, they produce grapes on 370 hectares, which will be expanded to close to 500 hectares by 2020. The items of the Teleki wine family are widely available on the shelves of domestic grocery store chains, but you can also purchase them through the web store of the winery, or in their Villány-based wine shop. Try the Teleki wines and the Csányi Winery’s other delicious produces at Rosalia Festival! To get a complimentary glass of sparkling rosé wine, just show this month’s Funzine issue at the festival’s Teleki Villány booth (nr. 46).

Gancia – Drink Beauty

Founded in 1850 as Italy’s first sparkling wine house, Gancia has grown to become one of Italy’s most important wineries. Today, Gancia is seen as the embodiment of the Italian lifestyle all across the world: their prosecco wines and aperitifs represent the essence of what the Italians call Dolce Vita. The bubbles of Gancia provide unique flavours, lift one’s spirits with great ease, while the stylishly designed bottles transmit a delicate elegance for every occasion.

This year Gancia is bringing two prosecco specialties to Rosalia Festival: Leggero Prosecco is a low residual sugar wine, offering sparkling wine enthusiasts a light, fruity and low-calorie delight, while the Valdobbiadene Prosecco D.O.C.G. is produced and bottled in the most prestigious zone for Prosecco wines, in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy. In addition, Gancia will also exhibit their Asti, Rosé, Brut, and Metodo Classico variants (the latter available in two versions: riped for 24 or 60 months).

Pócz Winery

Pócz Winery is situated atop the enchanting Kishegy of Balatonlelle, only four kilometres from the shoreline of Lake Balaton. The winery’s bistro restaurant is open every day of the week during high season, awaiting guests with reasonably priced, flavourful dishes, as well as the rich and aromatic, fruity wines of the region. Pócz Winery bottles fragrant, easy-to-drink, reductive wines, and wines aged in barrels for a shorter or longer time. Their terrace offers a beautiful panoramic view to the lake and the nearby buttes. They’ll prepare for Rosalia Festival with their beloved rosé wine, and will also debut the latest vintage of their fruity, corpulent olaszrizling, “Close to you”.

Szivek Wine Cellar

Viniculture and wine production has been an integral part of the Szivek family’s daily life for generations. The hearts in their logo design stand for the head of the family Gyula Szivek, and brothers György and Péter Szivek who put their heart and soul into the business. The small wine cellar blends the passion for winemaking with young dynamism and traditional values, while aiming to present the complexity of the region. The beauty of Szivek wines reflect the picturesque vineyards they own: it’s a limestone rich wine growing area with 30-year old plantations of white varieties, 340 metres above sea level. Just imagine when in the spring a mysterious mist covers the land, or when radiant sunshine touches the Pilis Hills in the summer.


Proseccoshop is the one and only wholesaler in Hungary, specialised to prosecco, that brings the dolce vita for prosecco lovers. The products are carefully selected and tasted by experts who make sure that only the highest quality of prosecco will fill the Hungarian glasses. Among 70 different kinds of prosecco, there are several international award winners. The range of Proseccoshop includes a wide variety of quality (DOC, DOCG, Cartizze) and taste from dry to brut nature, but you can find many vegan proseccos as well. If you desire to try different types of such unique products, you can opt for Italian liqueurs, champagnes, such as Franciacorta, and light wines. Let Proseccoshop prove you that Italy’s nectar is not just for evenings, drop by at its prosecco tasting and brunch events too!

Jammertal Wine Estate, Villány    

Located at the Croatian border, Villány is the southernmost wine region in Hungary, and one of the most popular ones, too. It is protected from the northern, cold winds by small hills. The area has a unique Sub-Mediterranean microclimate: summers are characterized by hot weather, while the fall season is long and dry. The soil is made up of clay-brown forest-loess on limestone, which provides excellent basis for blue grape production. When it comes to wine estates and viticulture, one of the region’s gems is undoubtedly Jammertal Wine Estate that was established in 2001.

The estate owns 75 hectares of vineyards on the finest terroir and two adjoining wineries equipped to the highest standards. These wineries use state-of-the-art technology which they combine with the winemaking traditions of Villány. Jammertal’s perfectionist owners make great efforts to produce full-bodied red wines of the highest quality, using Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. Their endeavors have been recognized and justified by numerous international awards that their brands “Cassiopea” and “Koh-I-Noor” received from Bordeaux, London, Bruxelles, Madrid, Vienna and Düsseldorf in the near past. Due to a growing market demand for rosé wines, Jammertal produces different rosé types made of Pinot Noir, Kékfrankos and Merlot.

These reductive wines are all fruity, represent a Mediterranean style, and carry distinctive flavours. If one is spoilt for choice, here’s a hint: Jammertal Wine Estate’s team encourages wine lovers to pay special attention to their pride and joy, “Pink Panther“, a rosé made 100% of Kékfrankos. The whole rosé portfolio, of which several specialties will be available at Rosalia festival, belongs to the estate and is known under the brand name Wunderlich.

Béla Winery

For two decades, the family-run Béla Winery has cultivated vines on 60 hectares in Imrehegy, South Hungary, and produced fine wines, commonly referred to as “a sip of sunlight”. At Rosalia Festival, you’ll have the chance to taste Béla’s several grape varieties, including Irsai Olivér, Cserszegi fűszeres, Nektár, Gewürztraminer, and some of its fruitful rosés. The winery aims to introduce wine lovers the Kövidinka variety, the Ezerjó-Generosa domestication, and the Champion award-winner late harvest wines. The unique selection has been recently perfected by owner Zoltán Béla with semi-sparkling wines, bringing new flavours to the already varied array of heavenly produces.

Zsoldos Pálinka Manufaktúra

Also known as the „Hungarian spirit”, pálinka is a fruit distillate made of high quality, ripe, zesty fruit. When it comes to distilleries, Zsoldos Pálinka manufactory is among the honourable mentions. Luckily, the Tiszaföldvár-based (eastern Hungary) business has a geographical advantage: there are many varieties of fruit (plum, sour cherry, cherry, apple, quince and apricot), and the area gets quite a lot of sunshine.

They apply natural procedures and the best technologies to make sure they will bottle something truly exceptional. Proud to have won multiple Quintessence-Award titles with their Irsai Olivér and Capiscum, Zsoldos Pálinka’s team values their customers’ opinions a lot. Try their sweet, charming, and unusual flavour combos too!

Etyeki Kúria Winery

Etyeki Kúria Winery was established in 1996 in Etyek, half an hour away from the capital. It has put special emphasis on innovative approach while respecting traditions. Ten years ago, chief winemaker Sándor Mérész joined the winery’s team: ever since he has been harmonizing the experiences of wine experts who belong to older generations with the latest vinicultural research results, while keeping the balance of nature and technology.

The winery boasts vineyards on 50 hectares in Etyek-Buda and Sopron wine regions, where the most important grape varieties are Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt and Merlot. (Booth Nr. 33)

Lovassy Life

„Wine is eternal, life is beautiful, the sensation is yours” – this is the message of the wine family, a brand new selection that runs the gamut from fresh, fragrant and light wines to more heavy items, intended for all wine connoisseurs. The Lovassy Life wine selection was carefully sorted by professional wine experts to showcase the best produces of Hungarian wine regions, paying attention to the changing wine consumption habits of the younger generation of enthusiasts. As a result, bottles do not only look more dynamic (thanks to the energetic labels), but are also equipped with an easy to use screw cap, so that you can enjoy them whenever, wherever.

The assortment comprises of three whites, two rosés, three reds, and two sparkling wines. Whether you’re a fan of more classical flavours or a novelty-seeker, you’ll surely find a bottle or two to sweep you off your feet. There’s the citrusy, green apple-flavoured Olaszrlizling, for example, or the flowery Cserszegi-Irsai cuvée, a wine that smells of spring but tastes like summer. Then there’s the Muskotály, a seductive wine with notes of honey and walnut. The dry and semi-dry rosé wines of the selection are characterized by a vibrant, raspberry fragrance and aroma, and vivid colours. The winery’s red wines, its Kékfrankos, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are smooth, fruity, and pleasantly spicy. Last but not least, the refreshing sparkling wines of Lovassy Life are essential items for your summer evenings.

If you’re looking for a light, cooling, and lively wine for weekend get-togethers with your friends, a romantic picnic, or a backyard barbecue, look no further than the youthful bottles available at Lovassy Life (especially recommended are the Sparkling Rosé and the Sparkling Cserszegi-Irsai Cuvée), which will captivate your senses with their enchanting scent and playful taste. Find the crisp and lively wines along with a number of prizes at booth 68.

Velence Winery

Part of the ancient Etyek-Buda wine region, the area around Lake Velence is famous for its highly acidic, reductive, dry, and medium bodied wines. Courtesy of its special geography and the cool breezes coming in from the Mór wine region. The Velence Winery has been an important player in the local winemaking scene for close to ten years. Their breakthrough only came this year: the winery’s use of the playful otter on their wine bottles was a resounding success.

The wines of the Velence Winery, similarly to the aquatic mammals, are vibrant, light-hearted and cheerful. At the same time they are characterized by a high quality and full taste. By drinking “otter wines”, you also help the environment, as the winery spends a part of its revenues on local environmental protection. Look for the fun and exciting Lake Velence wines at booth 68, and spin the wheel of Velence for valuable, eco-friendly prizes!

Bezerics Winery

How is it possible to create something memorable in a bottle? Fill it with wine in which every drop enhances the special characteristics of a land, and this way proudly represents it. According to Bezerics Winery, the answer lies within their wine and its several components; faith, the quality of the vineyards, the well adjusting varieties, a good year, and the team that carries out the work. This complex list of “ingredients” come together very well in Berezics Winery’s products. They’ll introduce their specialties to you at Rosalia Festival. Bringing quality wine to Budapest from their picturesque Keszthely (situated between Lake Balaton and Bakony) headquarters, the winery adds a hint of tradition and local history to their alcoholic drinks. Their motto is: Da Bibere (Give me something to drink – a text of a jug found in a first century Celtic grave), which they fancy hearing from their guests. Cheers!

Koch Winery

Koch Winery, located in the Hajós-Bajai wine region of Hungary, has been producing wines for ten generations now, starting from the 1746 arrival of patriarch József Koch. The modern winery manages 140 ha with a production of 800,000 bottles per year in 27 varieties. In 2014 the Koch Winery won the Winery of the Year award from the Hungarian Wine Academy. Its wide range of outstanding wines include Cserszegi Fűszeres, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Kadarka and Rosé.  The family has established the Vin Art Winery in the Villány wine region to expand its selection of fine wines. Find booth 38 and give last year’s palatable rosés a try; the raspberry-flavoured Frisch Rosé Cuvée; the sweet and spicy Néró Rosé; the strawberry-coloured elegant Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé; the fragrant and exploding Rosé Cuvée; the mineral-rich, fruity blend of Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon-Kékfrankos-Merlot Rosé.