Funzine Insider: This Is How We Spend May

Three members of Funzine, including native Budapesters and others who have lived here for some time share their favourite places to be and things to do in the city every month. In May, you can see the hints of Zsuzsi, Ági, and Léna.


My favourite thing to do: Wandering

I love walking around the city at any time of the day – whenever my time allows. It helps me clear my thoughts and gives me a lot of space for daydreaming. I have my favourite routes in the city, especially those that run close to the river. Looking at the mountains on the Buda side and being able to see so far ahead relaxes me and also inspires me. These places are part of why I feel home in Budapest. I also like watching other people doing their things – sometimes you catch a phrase from a conversation and you wonder what their life may be like. I enjoy the anonymity of these hours, dissolving in the city’s life.

My favourite place to be: Március 15. tér

One of my favourite places currently is Március 15. tér. It’s a nice big open-air plateau with a long bench line and plenty of space for bikers, dogs, and children to move. Plus, it is sunny throughout the whole day so it is a perfect spot to enjoy the sun – which at this point of the year you still can without roasting. If you are sitting on the bench you are looking right at the Citadella on top of the Gellért hill, so it is a beautiful sight. Besides reading and drinking coffee, I also made some pretty important decisions on this square lately, so for me, it is a nice place to think and feel with clarity.


My favourite place to be: Palack Wine Bar

One of my favourite places all year round is Palack Wine Bar situated at Szent Gellért tér. If you long for after work relax, seek for a place to meet your friends or have a date, head to Palack that offers fine wines from small Hungarian wineries. Even if you have trouble with selecting the right grape potion for your mood, the waiters will be happy to help you out and make sure that you’ll drink exactly what you feel like. When spring comes, I’m a regular at 0,75 Bistro: sitting at their outside tables with the St. Stephen’s Basilica within sight is a special experience wine only makes better.

My favourite thing to do: Outdoor strolls

As the number of sunny hours is getting higher and higher, I feel like spending more and more time outside, in fresh air. I like to take a long walk around Normafa and Erzsébet Lookout Tower that offers an exceptional view over the city centre and the nearby Buda hills. You can wander around the forest by yourself, leaving the crowds behind, but I recommend you to plan a workout session here as Normafa is a popular destination for sports lovers too. When I’m in the mood for something relaxing, I visit Buda Arboretum that boasts flowery fields, and bring a blanket with me to lie down and enjoy the smell.


My favourite place to be: Hármashatár-hegy

Buda is filled with places ideal for hiking, such as Hármashatár-hegy that is a perfect spot for the whole family: we climb up the hill at least twice a year with family members, friends, and dogs. A new walking path, and two viewpoints with it, was built not so long ago in the area. 14 information boards were placed along the trail with specific QR codes that help you search for detailed information online on the flora, fauna, and history of the region. Going up the hill, we always hope that we can see paragliders who make the view even more exciting. I want to try this sport once.

Photo: Egy jó kép rólad

My favourite thing to do: Market visits

As I live in District II, I go to Fény utca Market quite often, in fact, I start every Saturday morning there. A group of my friends gathers to kick off the day with a cup of coffee, but we also discuss what to cook in the weekend, share recipes, and finally head to purchase all the necessary ingredients. I consider many of the vendors my friends, since I have bought produces from the same butcher, and the same fruit and vegetables stand for years. During my shopping tour, I always bump into old friends and I like to hear a few words about their lives. After purchasing the freshest products available, our weekend team ends the morning at a food stall selling lángos.