Discover the Avas Hill Wine Cellars

Have you ever experienced the magical vibes of the actual place where wine is born? We are talking about the cellars that store and protect these alcoholic beverages from harmful external influences while also providing constant temperature and humidity.

How about visiting the “nursery of vino” this spring? For the 8th time, Miskolc’s historic wine cellars (situated in the city centre) will open to curious visitors between 9-11 May, as part of the country’s special wine & gastronomy festival called Avasi Borangolás. Organized by civil society associations, the event aims to revitalize Miskolc’s wine cellar culture. The lovely streets and tarnished wine cellars of the Avas Hills provide a picturesque location to the 3-day festival where quality wine and outstanding gastronomy will be in the spotlight.

On the first day, winemakers and other professionals will give special lectures on viniculture, while on Friday and Saturday all of the wine cellars and houses in the given area will be awaiting visitors, from Kisavas to Nagyavas. It’s a special occasion when admirers, local manufacturers and winemakers known all around the country get together to discuss everything wine.

For those who are interested in prose, we highle recommend Avasi Cellarium’s podium talk with Soma Mamagésa and psychiatrist Dr. Imre Csernus. Children will be in for a treat too: many entertaining performances, creative activities and a fun tour called Bandukló are waiting for them. The latter is a 6-stop sticker- collecting adventure, in which kids will get a special surprise at the end. (For details, please check Borangoló, the event’s program booklet.)

Now let’s turn towards gastronomy! Among others, Pizza Kávé Világbéke, Rossita Kisvendéglő, and zip’s Brewhouse (plus well-known chefs József Bernáth and Zoltán Pauli) will be there to trigger your hunger hormones at special gastro workshops, evoking the city’s traditional, 150-year-old culinary past. And as there’s no sunshine without rain, there can be no festival without music and other fun programs either. Free-to-attend concerts are to take place on multiple stages: look out for Tóth Vera Quartet and Kalmus Felicián’s performance held at Avasi Calvinist church, or listen to the music of Old Boys, Soma és a Vanavan, Muzsik és Volkova, Bálint Gájer, Ruby Harlem, Petruska, and the Roy & Ádám Trió.

For further information, please check out the festival’s Facebook page!