Everything about Oxygen Wellness Naphegy’s Group Classes

In fact there are many who prefer visiting group classes to working out on their own in the gym, because they feel more motivated and dare to move their body in a more confident way during a group session, or it’s also possible that a certain type of exercise is hard – or even impossible – to carry out in the gym.

The group classes accompanied by music help you switch off your brain while keeping you motivated and refreshed. Beside music, the varied exercises and the power of the group keep you going even when your energy level is reaching its lowest limit.

If you’ve ever continued the last set only because the person right next to you didn’t stop, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It also works the other way around: if your workout buddy loses his/her balance when striking a static pose, you’ll start wobbling too.

We could go on and on about the positive effects of group classes, but you should think about them yourself when waiting for the trainer to arrive before the next session. Let’s now present you a guide to all the group classes you can visit at Oxygen Wellness Naphegy!

Body & Mind

Body & Mind classes are characterized by slow movements, mellow music, precise instructions, and special attention on breathing. Regardless of age, sex, or physique, you can reach mental and physical harmony if your breathing chimes in with your movements. During the classes you can improve your fitness and strengthen your muscles all the while you become well-balanced and confident. The static poses improve flexibility and the elasticity of joints, as well as form toned muscles. Body & Mind classes include yoga, spine strengthening, stretching, and bodyArt.


If you like alternating the strengthening exercises with dynamic step combinations while loud music is playing in the background, you’ll love aerobics classes. You can improve your endurance, strengthen your muscles, and work to reach the ideal body composition. Aerobics group classes are GR8 sessions, body shaping, full body training, and fitness mix.

Functional training

Functional training sees the body as a whole: the complex exercises focus on more muscle groups at the same time. Beginners are also welcome to visit these classes as they will help them improve their fitness and strengthen their muscles. During functional training classes a wide array of equipment is used. Visit a circuit training, air fit cross training, TRX, cross training, stability workout, or a deepWork class that leads you to a flow state via intensive functional movements.

Aqua training

Aqua training is a great way to exercise for all age groups: it helps you stay fit and improves your health. During an aqua training class, you’ll have to lift light and comfortable equipment in the air or move them underwater. A huge advantage of training in water is that it spares your joints, spine, bones and ligaments while moves your muscles.

Group cycling

Group cycling refers to high-intensity indoor cycling classes accompanied by music. Group sessions have a positive effect on body and soul: you’ll burn up to 700 calories during a class, while your blood circulation will speed up, the oxygen transmission rate in your blood will be higher, and your vein wall will be strengthened.

If you feel like visiting any of the above group classes, don’t hesitate to contact Oxygen Wellness Naphegy’s staff for more info.