Alternative Museum Ideas for Cold Winter Days

If you ask us, it is important to treat your cultural appetite regularly. The place to visit doesn’t necessarily have to be an art exhibition, try to keep an open mind when it comes to something uncommon or exceptional instead. The below venues offer the x-factor: their exhibitions are fun, unusual, entertaining and fulfilling at the same time.  

Hard Rock Cafe

Not only is it an incredibly successful, world-famous café and restaurant concept, HRC also serves as a museum, owning the largest private collection of Rock & Roll memorabilia in the world. With Jimi Hendrix’s poncho and Paul McCartney’s signed acoustic guitar displayed within reach, guests are always in for an incomparable dining experience. The bar’s metal-colored walls are decorated with pieces from the amazing, priceless collection of music memorabilia, that’s what makes Hard Rock Cafe an extraordinary exhibition hall. Free entry! (There’s no need to order anything.)

Pinball Museum

Who would’ve guessed that one of Budapest’s most popular tourist attractions would be a museum? The Pinball Museum, situated inside a cellar on Radnóti Miklós utca in Pest, is less like a museum and more like a retro arcade: with over 100 playable pinball machines (some of them dating from the 19th century), acquired from countries such as France, the United States and Portugal, and more than 30 arcade games, it is an awesome, interactive exhibition of fun. Once you are there, check out their newest addition, a supercool Budapest inspired pinball machine!

Selfie Museum

Yes, you read it well, there is a Museum of Sweets and Selfies in Budapest! Quoting from the founders, “there are some things that cannot be described by words” – this is exactly what crossed our minds when we found out about this establishment. It is something you have to experience. Other than cute installations, they made room for one of the city’s trendiest confectionaries as well. Hit them up whenever you feel like spicing up your mood, or if you are looking for an out of the ordinary venue for a special occasion.