Jolly Joker Options for a Diabetic Diet

Have you read our tips on how to avoid the evil medical condition called diabetes? Now let us recommend a few lovely places where sugar-free, healthy delicacies are waiting for you.

Bohemian Restaurant

Komor Marcell utca’s Bohemian restaurant is among the growing number of venues where delightful sugar free options are also added to the menu. What is more, gluten and lactose free alternatives are available too, making this restaurant the perfect spot for health conscious people and guests with special dietary needs. The icing on the cake is its exclusive location: the gorgeous MÜPA Budapest.

1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1.


We’ve all been wondering about how awesome it would be to eat whatever we want without negative consequences, but the struggle is even harder for those who are dealing with a lifelong condition like diabetes. Thank God for FitCandy, the sugar free confectionary where everything is healthy, fit, and diet-friendly. Their tempting, premium quality desserts are heavenly, inviting diabetics, sportsmen, and admirers of culinary pleasures to take a bite.

1138 Budapest, Viza utca 9.


Would you need a few useful tips when putting together your insulin resistance diet plan? MandulaLiget’s special workshop (held on 5 December) will help you understand what the 160 g carbs menu means, shows you the size of portions you can actually eat, and also introduces you to whole-grain foods you might have never tried before. At MandulaLiget you will be presented with a 1-day sample plan (designed by an IR specialist) and you’ll get the chance to broaden your knowledge with tips that will serve you well on a daily basis.

1119 Budapest, Fehérvári út 89-95. Building L