The Feast of Saint Martin

Most people associate Saint Martin’s day with folk traditions or goose feasts. If you are the latter, this juicy restaurant selection is for you. Prepare your taste buds, it’s going to be a mouth-watering reading.

Danubius Hotel Gellért

1114 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 2. 

Budapest’s prestigious building, the 100-year old Danubius Hotel Gellért will give home to a fantastic St. Martin’s Day Wine Festival between 8 and 11 November. The event kicks off with a boutique beer festival, followed by unlimited tasting of quality wine, sparkling wine, and pálinka. Three gastro programs will take place: experience the incomparable atmosphere of the hotel’s exceptional suite restaurant, or try the creative wine dinner and Gellért’s popular Sunday brunch with goose-meals prepared by excellent chefs Róbert Vona and Gábor Müncz. Hotel Gellért also welcomes guest chef Eszter Palágyi (executive chef at Michelin-starred Costes) whose mind-blowing artistic visual presentation of food puts any dining experience on a higher level.


1112 Budapest, Balatoni út 143/a

Gourmets and gastro-adventurers, this one is for you! We Hungarians do not celebrate Thanksgiving, so St. Martin’s Day is kind of our last chance to indulge in a feast of rich food before the arrival of Christmas. Are you ready to experiment with some great Hungarian specialties? An incredible 4-course goose menu (6990 HUF/person) is waiting for you ready to disarm your taste buds at Balatoni út’s homely Tűzhely restaurant between 8-11 November. The unexpected flavour combinations (cardamom and sour cherry, just to mention one) and new wave dishes will be completed by exceptional wine offers chosen by an experienced sommelier. Find out more about the offer, make the most of St. Martin’s Day this year!

Halászbástya Restaurant

1014 Budapest, Budai Vár Halászbástya

There is a magical place above the city, where dreamy panorama is an essential supplement to delicious meals. Located close to our beautiful Mathias church, Halászbástya Restaurant is situated at the nicest spot of Fisherman’s Bastion on Castle Hill, surrounded by some of Budapest’s most famous historical sights. The lavish venue that sports a stylish interior offers new wave culinary wonders, and tasty St. Martin’s Day goose specialties between 10-18 November. Take part in a dining experience you’ll never forget at the Knight Hall, then go upstairs to the terrace to admire the spectacular view with a hot drink in hand.

Peppers! Mediterranean Grill

1052 Budapest, Apáczai Csere János utca 4. 

Are you up for a delightful soirée with delicious dinner and a beautiful view over the city? Celebrate St. Martin’s day at Peppers! Mediterranean Grill with goose specialties and the finest wines presented by the Bock Winery. Indulge in a sumptuous buffet dinner (presenting traditional Hungarian meals and the exciting highlights of international haute cuisine), and enjoy Peppers! Mediterranean Grill’s exceptional panorama on 8 November, with the lights of the city adding extra charm to the otherwise lovely atmosphere. Multi-award winning Hungarian vintner, József Bock will personally introduce you to this year’s wine novelties making it a debut event every gourmand will love.

Jardinette Restaurant

1112 Budapest, Németvölgyi út 136.

Sometimes we all need a place where we can escape for relaxation, especially when one lives in a bustling capital city like Budapest. Buda’s lovely restaurant, Jardinette seems like the perfect getaway: its tall chestnut trees surrounding the winter-garden are simply charming, who wouldn’t want to spend their lunch or dinner at such a cozy venue? Other than their permanent menu, this time of the year special additions are available too. In November, St. Martin’s Day inspired goose meals come under the spotlight, try grilled goose liver & potato chips with paprika cream, cholent & goose thighs with cooked eggs, and the mind-blowing homemade apple-walnut-poppy seed pastry called flódni.

Trófea Grill Restaurants

1061 Budapest, Király utca 30-32.

More than 100 traditional Hungarian and international dishes are available at downtown Budapest’s three Trófea Grill restaurants, and guess what, their versatility can be even more broadened. In November, several Saint Martin’s Day delicacies will be added to the menu, including Tokaji goose liver terrine, smoked goose breast salad, goose ragout soup, and so on. Are you vegetarian, or do you have any special dietary needs? Don’t worry, Trófea Grill restaurants have got you covered. Thanks to the wide range of food choices, we can guarantee you won’t leave with an empty stomach. Find Trófea Grill at bustling Király utca, Visegrádi utca, or near Margit híd’s Buda foot in a cosy atmosphere, where every occasion is special.


1027 Budapest, Frankel Leó út 11. 

KicsiZso – known as one of Buda’s favourite breakfast spots – is heaven for street food fanatics (including vegans and vegetarians, too) offering extremely delicious, gourmet bagels stuffed with all kinds of mouth-watering ingredients. Order a vegetarian Mediterranean omelette, grilled cheesed salad and hot sandwiches or experiment with the mouth-watering St. Martin’s Day breakfast menu available for the first time at KicsiZso: goose bagel with grapes, goose breast omelette with cabbage, smoked gooseneck or Eggs Benedict. Desserts like paleo chocolate cake and tapioca pudding are available. Don’t miss out on the flavourful experience, kick-start your day the right way, with a hearty breakfast!

Candle-Light Express

How about an exceptional, nostalgic train journey to Szob, accompanied by flavourful St. Martin’s Day delicacies? Candle-light Express’ luxurious carriages will take you back in time with their salon car vibes while offering a fancy, candle-lit dinner (you can choose from three menu options including a vegetarian one), goose specialties and quality artisan wine. The height of the event is going to be the live piano performance that takes place after the exclusive dinner. During your 3-hour stay on-board you’ll experience a remarkable service thanks to the dinner train’s professional crew. It’s a memorable journey you shouldn’t pass on; book your spot in advance. Tickets are available from 18,900 HUF/person.