Middle Eastern Vibes and Live Music at Baalbek Lebanese Restaurant

Baalbek restaurant is waiting for you on 21 September, Friday evening with genuine Levantine cuisine and authentic live music from 20 p.m. Enjoy Middle Eastern vibes & meals with special guests Ádám Hosman and János Gerzson.

The restaurant offers the finest Levantine cuisine and prepares all dishes halal, placing emphasis on traditional recipes, fresh, premium ingredients and last but not least, exquisite serving. Baalbek, with its oriental atmosphere, cosy terrace and wide range of premium shishas, welcomes guests with unmatched genuine dishes all week long.

The menu presents culinary specialties such as “Harira” the spicy lamb soup, freshly made grill meat and fish, „Kunafa” the Levantine cheese pastry or “Um Ali” the Egyptian bread pudding. The colourful “Tabbouleh”, the parsley salad, the all-time favourite mezzes containing “Hummus” and “Moutabel” purées with home-made Arabic bread and “Falafels” offer an exciting choice for vegetarian guests as well.

More information and menu: here, reservation: here.

Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Klotild Palace
1052 Budapest, Váci utca 34.