Special Souvenirs from Hungary

Considering the wide range of crazy options the gift shops offer nowadays, hunting for souvenirs can be pretty fun. Here are some of our favourite picks from traditional to cool!

Despite the fact that the array of creative alternatives is simply inexhaustible when it comes to gifts from abroad, sweets, postcards, magnets, key holders and shot glasses still manage to remain the most popular souvenirs all around the world. Whether you are a tourist or an expat living in Hungary, we guarantee that local gift shops have something surprising in store for you too. Let’s take a look at some notable ideas!

Give more thought to shopping!

Sometimes the perfect souvenir is easier to find than you would think: it may be in a supermarket or a toy store in a shopping mall. Ground red pepper in a flashy container is among our favourite gift ideas, as well as Hungarian playing cards and Rubik’s world-famous mechanical puzzle, the Rubik’s Cube. A smaller bottle of our national “potion”, pálinka also makes a great, personalized gift. You should consider popping into WestEnd shopping mall (located right next to Nyugati Railway Station) too, where Bp Shop’s cool, fashionable shirts, hats and bags are being sold.

Visit WAMP, the design fair!

WAMP is a true gem among outdoor markets, where brand new designer products are available at reasonable prices. WAMP often cooperates with other initiatives, and the joint projects often result in exciting exhibitions. Dozens of emerging Hungarian designers conquer Erzsébet tér (Akvárium Klub’s area) on 5 August to showcase their works, and you can purchase unique fashion and jewellery pieces, notebooks, toys, and many more, straight from the manufacturer. Bring home a cool Vinylize sunglasses case made by Tipton Eyeworks, choose from Zemse’s fashion jewellery, or check out NATI 100% Pure IDEA’s midsummer jeans collection. LifeisTshirt’s fun shirts are also worth a check!

Hungary-themed designer gifts

Everyone loves ANNAAMELIA’s gorgeous tote bags which are available at Punch Store (Paulay Ede utca 15.) with designs of Budapest’s iconic buildings printed on them. Once you are in Paulay utca, visit Project Showroom, where you’ll find Readheads Design’s fun Budapest Collection. Printa, one of Hungary’s first environmentally conscious brands is also known for its Budapest-inspired clothes and accessories that you can purchase at the Hungarian State Opera House’s gift shop, among several other locations. The brand Igéző celebrates Hungarian folk art; their collections reflect how colourful and unique our national heritage is. If you are thinking of bringing a Hungarian fashion piece home, take a look at Tünde Hrivnák’s brand called By Me as well. Among collections such as Spicy, Matyó, and Vadász you’ll find pieces showcasing iconic Hungarian designs admired by all the classy ladies. Find them at the Festival of Folk Arts from 17-20 August at Buda Castle, where you can hunt for other awesome handmade gifts, too!


Souvenir shops

How about buying an unusual but cool gift, such as a Budapest-inspired puzzle box? Available in different sizes and shapes, these boxes can only be opened by solving a puzzle or a simple but tricky move. It is artistic, creative and a showy sort of thing with the capital city’s designs featured on top of the wooden box. We also love a nice porcelain doll dressed up in a national folk costume, but if your luggage space is limited, go for a nice lilac organza sachet filled with dried lavender harvested in Pannonhalma, one of the most known lavender fields of Hungary.


TOP 3 funny gift ideas around the world

#1 Canned fog is on top of our “best of souvenirs” compilation, and you can purchase this extraordinary product in San Francisco, California. Fun fact: Budapest has its own version, too!

#2 Pumped from 3,000 miles underwater off the coast of Kona, Hawaii’s MaHaLo water is another unusual souvenir.

#3 The American capital of jazz, New Orleans is also known for having a rich history of voodoo, so it isn’t surprising that all kinds of bottled voodoo swag can be purchased there.