Nostalgic Hungarian Songs & The Nicest Melodies to Heal Your Soul With

Without a doubt, love is the ultimate favourite inspiration to many singers and songwriters. While radio stations are constantly playing modern emotional songs, there are some honorable mentions from back in the day, with classic tunes and charming melodies. Here comes our TOP 5 pick!

Máté Péter

The late singer died tragically young: he was only 37 when he passed away in 1984. At the top of his career he performed concerts all around the world and was awarded at several European song festivals. It’s been 34 years since his unfortunate death, but his songs are still going strong, and his memory doesn’t seem to fade one bit.

Cserháti Zsuzsa

Another incredible songstress who we can no longer listen to at a live performance, Zsuzsa Cserháti is one of the most talented Hungarian singers of all times. Her discography includes 17 EPs and 9 studio albums.

Demjén Ferenc

The now 71-year old singer has been the member of two iconic Hungarian bands in the past: Bergendy and V’Moto-Rock, and his solo career dates back to 1977.  His last, 17th album hit the shops in 2013, and he is actively performing to this day.

Nyári Károly

Lyra-award winner Károly Nyári is a singer, songwriter and jazz-pianist who is known for his sold out shows all around the continent. So far he’s issued 4 albums and numerous concert videos, and right now he is preparing for his upcoming album debut concert held in 15 September at Erkel Theatre. (Tickets: here.)

Bródy János

The Kossuth- and Liszt Ferenc award-winner singer celebrated his 72th birthday in April. He is a former member of the iconic Illés-együttes, his latest album came to light in 2016.