3 Reasons Why You’ll Simply Love VegaCity!

No matter what’s your motivation behind becoming a vegan, fortunately there’s a long list of ingredients you can choose from to create whatever your stomach desires. Get inspired by VegaCity, the vegan fast food restaurant!

Just a stone’s throw away from the always busy Kálvin tér and Astoria, this friendly vegan restaurant awaits the health-conscious with the healthiest alternatives in Kiskörút. We’ve got 3 reasons why you should put it on your culinary bucket list!

#1 Healthy and Delicious

Both of the above mentioned words describe VegaCity’s delicacies. The restaurant offers a continuously varying lunch menu, a wide range of breakfast options, and an impressive selection of green and healthy foods in the heart of the city.

Besides the finely prepared warm cooked meals, there are tasty homemade hamburgers, gluten and sugar free desserts, sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices or smoothies to consume. Try Gandaburi, their gluten free, vegan hamburger or their special cakes sweetened by banana and date, also made of chickpea flour without gluten.

#2 Shop for Ingredients!

Would you like to broaden your gastronomical horizon and experiment with vegan meals at home too? Get inspired by the daily offers! Have no worries, because thanks to VegaCity you can purchase the best quality ingredients at the neighbouring BioABC and VitaminABC. Chose from a wide range of healthy, vegan products including bio fruits, nuts, glutenfree flour, vegetable milk, specialty olive oil, and many more.

#3 Versatile Options

From vegan sushi to hamburger specialties, vanilla desserts, exciting croissant creations, and raw avocado cake, VegaCity offers an incredible list of mouth-watering delicacies. Without a doubt, this restaurant has whatever your stomach desires. Check out their weekly offers and test the finger licking good meals regardless of being a committed vegan or a curious gastro tourist.

Open: From 9 AM to 7 PM on weekdays.