The Best Spots for Picnic in the City

All you need for the perfect outdoor afternoon is sunshine and green environment. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the former, however, we can still help you find the best picnic spots in Budapest. Here are seven of the ones we love…


You may have heard the word ‘fűvészkert’ (which means botanical garden in Hungarian) before, since this particular garden is the main scene of Ferenc Molnár’s famous novel, The Paul Street Boys. In Fűvészkert, the first botanical garden in Hungary, more than 8000 types of plant can be found – you can even take a guided tour with an expert who will tell you all about them! The centrally located garden is otherwise ideal for long walks, romantic dates, and, of course, picnic.

Margaret Island

There is nothing like Margitsziget in sunny weather. The 2,5-kilometer long green island is located on river Danube, halfway between Buda and Pest, and visited by every Budapester in springtime including the enthusiasts of outdoor sports, dog lovers, cyclists, youngsters, pensioners, workers, locals as well as foreigners. You can try lángos, the Hungarian fatty food specialty; borrow a bike, watch the fountain show, use the street workout facilities, take the running path, or just chill on Nagyrét. Don’t miss out!

The yard of the Hungarian National Museum

The yard of the Hungarian National Museum is located in the heart of Budapest, between Astoria and Kálvin tér. In 1848 it was the meeting point of Hungarian revolutioners, nowadays it is that of the students of the nearby universities who either lie in the grass, or sit on the stairs drinking, eating, and chatting. Although the noise of the busy streets may be bothering for some, the vigorous vibes of the young compensate.

Garden of Philosophy

Situated a bit lower than the Citadel but still over the city there is Gellért Hill’s hidden gem, the Garden of Philosophy. The park was named after Nándor Wagner’s sculpture which has stood there since 2001. Garden of Philosophy is less known by the tourists, so it is not as crowded as the Citadel but the view is similarly impressive.


Buda has its own island of peace, namely Kopaszi-gát (gát meaning dam). The huge green area at the waterside is situated in the outskirt of Budapest, which might be the reason why it is so calming walking around the recently renovated area. You will find restaurants and cafés in case you forget to bring your own for the picnic. Remember not to take dogs, because they are not allowed in the park.


When you take the train to the only natural coast of the city, you will be amazed by the retro atmosphere the place has preserved since the second half of the nineteenth century. There are plenty of restaurants and cafés that mostly serve Hungarian specialities you can try, or you can organize a barbecue while enjoying the closeness of the river.


Normafa is the perfect choice for families who would like to get away from the urban bustle to spend a day in green environment. You can take one of the walking paths, go up to Erzsébet Lookout Tower for a beautiful view over the nearby hills, take the children’s railway, or just enjoy the afternoon on a blanket while the kids are having fun at the playground.

Erzsébet tér

As soon as the warm weather arrives, every year Erzsébet square becomes loaded with people chilling in the sun in the afternoon, and getting pre-drinks in the evening. This green spot of Deák square is filled with loud laughter mixed with the sounds of jamming musicians every day.