Prepare for Your Wedding Day with Dr. Rose

The wedding season is fast approaching and many fiancées have no idea how to start preparing for the big day.

We want to figure out how we could be transformed into the best version of ourselves for our wedding day. This best version of oneself is not only about the wedding dress and accessories but the proper makeup, hairdo as well as the smooth skin.

Dr. Rose wants to help future wives prepare for their wedding day and everyone else who is eager to become fresher and more attractive in the spring season.

It is recommended to…

Each and every fiancée. Dr. Rose’s permanent laser hair removal can help light- and dark-haired women have perfectly smooth skin, even in the most sensitive areas.

How it works

To stop the growth of the hair follicles the laser needs to be absorbed by the hairs. At the Dr. Rose Clinic the High Speed LightSheer technology is used, which is the most modern and efficient of its kind. The treatment usually takes 15-20 minutes but it mainly depends on the area getting treated. For the lifelong smooth skin six treatment sessions are necessary. It is important to avoid solarium and direct sunlight at least two weeks before the laser hair removal and to use sun cream afterwards.

When to start

It is ideal to get it done 10-12 months before the wedding day. Usually 4-6 appointments are needed to get the desired outcome with 2-month intervals between the sessions. If you decide to do it, Dr. Rose promises you that you don’t need to worry about shaving during your honeymoon.

What to expect

If right now you are pondering about how painful the laser hair removal would be, let us tell you that the pain is only a modest 4 on a 10-point scale. Do you know the feeling when you just return from your vacation and are still a bit sunburnt? It is said to be quite similar.

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