Don’t Worry, Be Happy – It’s the International Day of Happiness

When the king of Bhutan introduced Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy as a new economic paradigm in 1972, little did he know about what the future holds. 40 years later, in 2012 the United Nations proclaimed the International Day of Happiness, which is held on 20 March every year. 

Sometimes a smile works wonders, they say, but what about happiness? Well, according to studies, happy people contribute more to the economic growth of a country. The relevance of happiness and well-being should be recognized as a universal goal in the lives of all human beings around the world, and International Day of Happiness aims at promoting this idea.

Can we do something about our own happiness?

Of course, we can! Bhutan’s king came up with a list of 9 domains to measure Gross National Happiness. They are as follows: living standards, education, health, time management, environment, community vitality, psychological well-being, good governance and cultural resilience & promotion. So, all we have to do is take matters into our hands and act. See, enjoy, relax, live for the moment and take our tips!

#Loosen up! Once you stop overthinking, your performance will improve. Don’t forget: everyone is too busy worrying about themselves.

#When something is bothering you, don’t let it distract you from the enjoyment of life. Sometimes negative feelings and situations can’t be avoided, but resisting them actually magnifies the pain. The key is to stop repressing your emotions.

#Don’t worry about the future! Instead, focus on the present and enjoy what’s happening right now. Take a few minutes every day to savor something (no matter how little or unimportant it seems) and you’ll begin to experience more joy.

#Exercise more, because it will give you more energy, improves your health and boosts your confidence. Sleep more to focus better. Spend more time with your friends, pick up a new hobby or learn to meditate!