Budapest’s Finest Restaurants to Dine in

We are exactly like Budapest: dynamic, colorful and truly exciting at all times. We explore every restaurant in town and we are about to present the most luxurious ones in this section. Now, we would like to let you in on the secrets of the capital, as our hearts beat to the city’s rhythm!

Buddha-Bar Budapest Restaurant & Lounge: It’s all about the EATertainment

With direct access from Váci street, Buddha-Bar Budapest’s  unique Asian-fusion cuisine invites your senses to a delicious journey where you can taste the blend of the Chinese, Thai, Indian and Japanese gastronomy. The famous Buddha-Bar tracks perfectly harmonize with the elegant Asian style interior, creating an unmatched atmosphere.

Buddha-Bar Budapest welcomes guests all week long with the city’s widest sushi selection and on Sundays they top the brunching experience with an Asian buffet and live sushi station. The stylish modern interior – by its main oriental decor with a touch of French elegance – beautifully complements the traditional and historical building. The huge golden Buddha statue, the dominating colours, the luxurious bar and lounge area where the signature cocktail creations are made and the authentic Buddha-Bar music is the guarantee for a memorable experience.


Caviar & Bull

Located adjacent to Corinthia Hotel Budapest, just off the Grand Boulevard in the centre of the city, ran by three extraordinary gentlemen, László Kézdi-Schalchta, Sergi Huerga Marin, the head chef and Marvin Gauci. The trio’s history goes way back to Malta, where their love for gastronomy and expertise brought them together. Their role in Caviar & Bull’s success is indubitable. You can find chef Sergi explaining the elements of the degustation menu to a guest sitting at the table, László filleting a fish and Marvin pouring liquid nitrogen as an additional show element for plating.

Fusing the best of the Maltese and Hungarian cuisines, Marvin Gauci says that it was quite simple: “Just remove some of the usual ingredients and substitute with new Hungarian flavours.” For example, the original Foie Gras from the Maltese menu was served with molecular caviar made of honey, but now, it is made from sweet Tokaj wine and the Beef Tartare is made with the inclusion of gherkins and paprika, which were not in the original Maltese recipe. There are not so many differences between the new Budapest restaurant and the original one in Malta, but many aspects of ‘Hungarian- ness’ have been seamlessly incorporated, such as the use of the local grey cattle, Mangalica pig, Foie gras, paprika and Tokaj wine, enhancing the dishes furthermore.


Onyx Restaurant

Located in the much liked area of Vörösmarty tér, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike, prestigious Onyx invites you to a “rendezvous with tradition and evolution in the heart of Budapest”. The Michelin star awarded restaurant has been mixing the colourful palette of traditions with the most innovative techniques since 2007, delivering an inimitable experience to guests arriving from all over the world.

A dedicated team managed by Onyx chef Ádám Mészáros and Gerbeaud head chef Ágnes Tóth ensures you have the best and tastiest bites on your plate: using fresh, regional ingredients with a Hungarian twist presented with a modern touch, the result is a phenomenal menu we could call the updated version of the authentic Hungarian cuisine. For instance, their Hungarian Evolution menu consisting of water buffalo tartar and garlic panna cotta as well as mushroom velouté, crayfish, pork foam and many other delicacies more than satisfies the demand of the most critical visitors. Creativity, high quality and a gorgeous atmosphere mark this place, making it a definite must-visit.