National Gallop Owns the Weekend

The National Gallop celebrates its 10th birthday this year, inviting all those who would like to experience the incredible atmosphere, filled with the love of nature, gastronomy, culture and, of course, the Gallop itself. The event will be organized between 15 and 17 September at Heroes’ Square.

The Gallop is a noble race and a chance to honour our ancestors, as well, commemorating the achievements of those Hungarian troopers, hussars and soldiers who made the word “huszár” famous around the globe. The motto of the National Gallop is the same as it was for those brave men: Fellowship and honour.

National Gallop

This year, the event doesn’t commemorate a particular historic person, but an important happening, called the “verbunk”, meaning recruitment. That’s how the idea was born that every participant of the Gallop should be recruited: supporters, dancers, musicians, guests of the jubilee. The festive atmosphere will be even more enhanced by the increased presence of hussar, having 100-300 traditional huszárs attending the National Gallop, joined by another line of the National Cavalry’s horsemen.

The Programs of National Gallop:

16 September

12-11pm, Saturday

12:00-13:00 Opening Ceremony of National Gallop • Wreath Laying Ceremony • Ceremonial Resolution of Competitors

13:15-13:45 HUNGRANA Hussar Gallop – Relays

14:00-15:55 National Gallop – Relays

15:10-15:25 Dance House – Gallop Promenade • Cuisine of Hungary

15:55-16:00 OMÉK Vintage Procession

16:00-16:10 KINCSEM+ Carriage Gallop – Relay

16:20-18:05 National Gallop – Relay

17:05-17:20 Dance House – Gallop Promenade • Cuisine of Hungary

18:10-18:20 OTP Bank Celebrity Charity Race

18:20-18:30 OMÉK Vintage Procession

18:30-18:40 ADRENALIN Carriage Competition – First Qualifying Race

18:40-18:50 KINCSEM+ Carriage Gallop – Relays

19:15 Dance House of Hungary with the Best Horse Dancers of the Country

20:15 Herding of Hortobágy Nonius Horses

20:30 Fiery Gallop

21:30-23:00 Dance House of Hungary – Heroes’ Square

17 September

10:05am-6:30pm, Sunday

10:05-10:30 MVM Parasport Competition with Horses

10:45-12:10 National Gallop – Semifinals

12:20-12:50 OMÉK2017 International Race – First Qualifying Race

12:50-12:55 OMÉK Vintage Procession

12:55-13:00 ADRENALIN Carriage Competition – Finals

13:00-13:20 Dance House – Gallop Promenade • Cuisine of Hungary

13:20-14:00 LONGINES Show Jumping – High Jump Competition

14:15-14:30 Epona Horse Riding School • National Equestrian Ornamental Unit – Horse Show

14:30-14:40 Gábor Jr. Szegedi’s Show

14:40-14:50 OMÉK Vintage Procession

14:50-15:10 Historical Horse Show Gala

15:25-15:40 Show of Horse Archers of Kassai Lajos

15:40-16:00 Győri Ördöglovasok – Magical Horse Show

16:00-16:15 Dance House – Gallop Promenade • Cuisine of Hungary

16:15-16:30 HUNGRANA Hussar Gallop – Finals

16:30-16:45 KINCSEM+ Carriage Gallop – Finals

16:55-17:15 Historical Horse Procession

17:30-17:45 OMÉK2017 International Race – Finals

17:55-18:15 National Gallop – Finals Awards Ceremony

18:20-18:30 Herding of Hortobágy Nonius Horses